135p now, bigger wow



And i’m still selling down by increment but am alas down to a third of my original holding now … and having started selling way before 100p - less than 80 p from memory - it is now occurring to me that I may well end up having under sold my holding considerably - aka massively - here… still eveyone is wiser with the benefit of hindight and pharma is an area that I’m relatively new to betting on and so I live and learn for when such situations come again ( hopefully with Futura or Midatech for eg )

PS; As we’re still at phase 3 here - although it looks like that will now be successful and they maybe get a fast track licence path - this may well go much higher again from here … I guess… unless issue(s) come out in final testing results … probably unlikely that now, I’d guess…

Still, very - very - thankful for this… and still a fair few thousand left to sell…and will keep doing that by increment on further strength , hopefully


Did not check days trade history now see it climbed to 137p couple of hours ago.
Put a limit slice in at 130p went strait through .


Decided to correct that mistake and bought them back for 125p.
Very volatile made a little .


Sold that buy back for 147p.
Needed some funds for elsewhere.


Sliced 1/2 of what i have left @ 187p
Marksman buying on Acta bb


Have not looked for a wile the slice in January lucky.
Big fall on results Rns… 17th April 18.
Topped today on low 25.2p ? did not have many.


New ii site.


In Sunday times today , they point out at all time low @ 18p , and they don’t see any improvement.
Good job and lucky i sliced Nov ,Dec, and January 18… in January it was the opposite to what Marksman was doing .
With hindsight a mistake to top up in June @ 25.2p The Times points out its at all time low of 18p now.
And not worth investing in.


Top gainer today up 23 % to 11p .


Up another 24 % today @ 13p ( about 18 % from last post a week ago )
Might go back to where the times suggested it was a bottom buy @ 18p early September


It fell all the way down to 9.28p on 5th November a rising share since then topping at 18.75p on 16th November ( Two days after my post a 43 % further up swing )… One for the day traders ?
Retraced down back down to 13.25 p now 22 November .
( 40 % swing and back ) buy into a rising share ??
I bought retrace @ 13.25 ( LC )


Trading View has it as week buy .


Spare in ( D ) topped up 10.80p


Up 15% to 16p today … after 3 months “last call” suggestion to buy @ 13.25 looks a good call he used to mention 3 months ?
Maybe something to do with options ?
The top up mid January looks even better today , looks like i got the bottom there .
Just sliced the 10.8p buy for 17p left it on as a limit ( D ) after posting elsewhere better to wait for alert .
Can not see any higher to sell by 2pm , we will see .
Ignore buy sell history this went trough in two bits 80 % of it showed as buy remaining 20 % correctly as a sell .

All in ( D )
Lots of pumping next day Friday 22nd at opening up to 18.75p to buy sells 17.75p but quickly fell back below yesterdays sell , and by 3pm heading towards 15p.


Got some of slice back next day Friday 22nd @ 15 p
Got the rest of slice back this morning @ 12.5p ( lifted Cannon st )


No rush to buy back when meeting cannon st … in hinsight been falling back since.
Part of limit lifted five times so far… 10 am to 16.30 .
@ 10.3p which i had dropped from yesterdays 10.35p which did not lift .
Might get remainder cheaper tomorrow.

Odd price rising all day up to close, when a tiny amount of 10.2p order lifted. It had been on all day when price lower .


Small amount of limit lifted again ( D ) @ 10.1p
MM … messing with it
Sell at 10.5p yesterday 9th … Buy 10p …10th April.


Been moving daily between 10 & 10.5p…
Managed to buy live ( si ) @ 9.995p ( lucky RPS small remaining sale had gone through adding to available )
( D ) limit buy lifted @ 9.98p


No rush to buy back 8.8p 13th May 2019 … Hindsight lol



Sliced the last top up for 12.5p , been threading to touch that level for past week never lifted until l today .
It did drop back after .

And the top up in ( Si ) today 13.346p