135p now, bigger wow



Last call claims hes buying @ 14.78p … maybe ill regret my last two slices .
I turned down 8.8p less then one month ago .
Interesting to see how she proceeds from here .


The last slice of the ones i picked up around 10p , included 1843 extra sold @ par to keep a round number in that slice it appears .
Last call claims he will not sell below 50p lol … its hovering around his 14.78 buy @ 15 since.


RNS…Placing @ 10p …“last call” claimed he bought @ 14.78p two weeks ago today .
Worse then me at picking them lol



Back near placing price today …
Do not know why i thought last call any better then me .
Remember what Chris said , and his son John.


Last call said hold. Didn’t say trade. He said £5000 do or die. Basically means 50p or 0p. Inbetween not relevant.


The spreads and movement on many AIM don’t allow decent risk control. So it has to be a DOD

By the way I bought some rgm. Massive spread. A crazy buy. An absolute dog of a share. But… have a look about five weeks from today. Somebody wants the fleas haha


Glad to see you back :smile:
Have to have that beer one day .




i’m sure you have seen cyan ?
Lek interesting ?


Yes cyan gap up no concern. Just sellers taking 50 vol target.

Only see lek now. Again a sell off at the 50 vol target. Needs to get above 5.06p fairly soon though. Closing below it 3 days on the trot wouldnt t be great


Why do i never see you on the ftse 350? It’s like taking candy from a baby there. Your in the sweat zone here.


Was Deb a 350 ??


Deb was a rule breaker. Ignored the sector. Thought mike wasn’t pumping in 150 million with some inside gleen.


And trust me, i had far more DOD moments on AIM lol


Eco? What’s your chart think?


Last Call thought it a buy .
I can give dates lol


We talking about IMM? Absolutely.


No we are talking about you suggesting DEB was a buy under 6p from memory .
Take a look at a post you made just last May 30th 1.48pm .


Good morning / afternoon … Last call :sweat_smile:
you should of followed me into GCM yesterday i have mentioned it to you many times before .
Anything in charts to predict today’s news ?


Small part of order lifted a few hours back @ 9.3p ( upe’d it from 9.2p )
Gone higher now … no more today :unamused: