380p end of year target



No. You have none.


That’s because you’ve grabbed them off me you dirty bugger


Last time I recall your end of year target (which you kept saying we had to wait and see and you’d be proved right) was spectacularly wrong.

Weren’t you also the poster who thought RBS’s net asset value was a tenth of the correct figure, which would have made it the most highly rated bank in the world?

Don’t give up the day job.


Are you sure you don’t have Alzheimer’s? You’re confusing me for someone else kid :child:


I’m sure you hope we have also forgotten this endless stream of “predictions” and “price targets” (aka witless drive) posted over the course of just a few days in late2013/early 2014 l:

430 in New Year
We could see 400p by Mid-Feb
This is going to 400p
Looking good for my target of 430p
target of 430p in New Year
target of 430p in New Year
target of 445p
400p coming in May
NOW is the TIME to ADD!!
Boots? Fill!!!
400p coming soon. BUY NOW!!!
Re: 340p today hit, 400p next week? BUY

How much are you under water?


380p looks very bullish by year end.

I can’t see too much noise in the interim results or a rate rise (or two) getting the price anywhere near to 380p. Closed just under 250p today. 280-310p looks very realistic. The price has hovered around 250-290 for a while now.


First buy into this one yesterday @ 248.5p . Been keeping an eye on since recent government sell of there bail out shares.


The point some punters appear to have failed to grasp is that RBS is now a fraction of the size it once was and so that much smaller earnings engine can only produce so much, a level of earnings which simply cannot support a share price seen even post the 2008 crash (e.g. well above £5)., It’s simply not going to happen.
So anyone telling you that the price will rise by 50% in the next five months is simply demonstrating that they haven’t got a clue.


Estimated dividend has increased to 7.72p.

The analysts could be reaching a little high but that would be a fantastic start already beating Barclays.



Upcoming events

03 Aug 2018 RBS Q2 Results 2018

Hoping for dividend and/or buy back news then.


Ross McEwan interview talks about dividend as well


2p dividend proposed :blush:


And 380p in two months time? Unfortunately the desire by this sort of person to post ‘opinions’ about shares and actually knowing anything about them appear to be inversely related.


So how is your target of 380p by end of next month looking Meisterx? Now 225p so only 69% to go! Quite why you continue to make these ridiculous ‘predications’ when every time the RBS share does the exact opposite of what you say will happen is a mystery. It’s crystal clear you do not have a Scooby Doo.


Me, I’m still avoiding it. Might have a dabble at £2 and, if I do, I’d certainly settle for 380p. But In 6 weeks? 6 years with divis in the meantime wouldn’t be too shabby.



To all my fans thanks for your kind words.

I have a new thread here with all the positive juices flowing from RBS.

See you there :slight_smile:


So it was 380p by end of this year but this is now due to happen next year. Or the year after that? Why not 280p? Or 480p? Or by end 2020? Random ‘predictions’ with endless timelines from guys who know nowt just devalue discussion boards and put off genuine investors. Fans? Don’t flatter yourself. You’re clearly a plank



Looks like my 200 ‘have a dabble’ point looks far more likely than meisterx’s 380 any time soon.

Ugly day with more to come I fear.