5 June trade



Sold 40,000 103p and then rebought just over 99p as same day buy and sell. Tried to be buy at 97p and could not get quote this morning. perhaps a bull trap is in play and I get another chance to add in coming days. Resisting cashing out as to avoid a positional whipsaw. Long term CEY looks good.


Well done @tornadotony

My finger was hovering over the sell button but greed and stubbornness kicked in and before I knew it I’d lost the moment.

Anyway still seems strong today. Glad to see it didn’t sink further.

Your timing was impeccable Tony.



Still holding CEY.

Traded 14.2%, 1/7 out of Hummingbird resources with no loss. Took loss on another 2.5% HR against gains on polymetal trades. Getting shot of AIM shares asap. Glad I held no Cora on its ride down from 16p and avesoro that dropped from 96p to 36p just this week. Mali rains have started so best to avoid.


@tornadotony still holding CEY too.

I think there is more risk being out rather than in. As of now I have a £8,500 profit so lots of leeway, although I’d prefer to hold it and not lose it.