58 or 50?



dropped back to 60p area as expected - my calcs say 58p or 50p - it’s touched 58p and come back up a bit already - if it does that again I’m back in. If 58p doesn’t hold then 50p should IMO. GLA.


All depends on the results of 108, the speed of drilling 107 and any new deal with ENEO.

If 108 keeps dragging on, or God forbid, another mechanical incident, then sub 50p could easily happen. If VOG RNS tomorrow 175 meters of excellent gas bearing sands and a deal for Dibamba, then we’ll be testing a quid in no time. Place your bets :slight_smile:


Didn’t you once recommend this and say it would soon hit over a pound ?


Prefer the £2 scenario March 2019.
…and *ocks to win WC in Japan.





If I wasn’t so heavily into VOG already I’d be tempted to buy if it was in the 50’s or even where it is now.

Meanwhile we all patiently wait a positive drilling result…Fingers crossed.



I’m now a holder in @ 59p… Funny business placing order told min deal had to be over £1500.
This set by LSE ?? Then it deals in small bundles cant make sense of that but… hey ho.


Well 58 obviously came and went - hovering above a zone of support but dropping towards it - 200 day moving average at somewhere around 47p and fib retracement around 51p - this could be the zone around which the sp settles and starts to do a slow turn around / consolidation. Just waiting for disorder to tell us he’s sold and then I’m back in. Lol.



Not yet Kalan, Not yet…

My sytem of buying high and selling low is one I am certain would be the envy of the forum.

Years, (7 years I think) I waited for VOG to produce.
It looked like it could, and now?
Well, now it looks to heading back to from where it came.

I try and try to extrapolate good news from VOG updates, but there are always caveats, always little niggles of doubt, and invariably these small concerns always have the effect of being the death nail in any rises.

Where next? Through the 50p level?
Get ready with those stones and muck to throw at me, but I think so…

Do take a long hard look at ASH (Ashley House). Now there is a stock I am Uber Bullish about, and I have also held that numerous years (About 8 - 9 years, possibly even more)


Dropped 30% since I sold - no rush to get back in - 47 to 51 area could be the turning point but it could be a tepter that gets you to catch the falling knife - waiting for a bottom to set in and confirmation of a break out of the downtrend before I touch VOG again - the financial bottom line has once again scuppered the optimism of the potential.


Sad but I sold this morning also. Made too many mistakes in the past. Made a nice profit anyway. I will follow this one closely because still believe in the huge upside and I will buy back in.


Topped @ 47p


Good luck with your 47p top up.

However the sp is falling, and with no support in sight could test the 30p level sooner rather than later.
Someone decided that they wanted rid of a massive chunk of stock.
Were they privvy to more info than you and me?
One may suspect so.

I admire the courage of your conviction, but isnt it better to buy in on good confirmed news, rather than because the price has fallen from recent highs?

It would be ironic, but not suprising at all if it went back to the 25p area.

In the meantime sure fire growth stock like ASH go totally overlooked.
Total trades there yesterday were just about £10,000
yet ASH themselves have targets of £4m profit within 3 years for a recent acquired subsiduary, yet the M/C for the enlarged group is only £4.5 M

Vog and ASH are both long term holds of mine.
With hindsight I wish I had seized the opportunity to dispose completely of my VOG holding in April. Hindsight though is a wonderful thing.

Good Luck. (I fear you may need barrels of luck)


A woman recently lost her husband. She had him cremated and brought his ashes home. Picking up the urn that he was in, she poured him out on the counter.

She started talking to him, and tracing her fingers in the ashes, she said, “You know that fur coat you promised me Irving?”

She answered by saying, “I bought it with the insurance money!”

She then said, “Irving, remember that new car you promised me?”

She answered again saying, “Well, I bought it with the insurance money!”

Still tracing her finger in the ashes, she said, "Irving remember that blow job I promised you?

Here it comes …

Let’s get back to blowing gas instead of pumping assh…


Sliced second buy 6 June ( didn’t post it appears ) today @ 60p


Abb @ 57p… Maybe better news then a placing in secret .
RNS … ( Mail Cor ) big raise $ 25 M
Price drop to 59p . ( approx 3.75 % discount ) less then the spread.!!


Noticed some nil-paid rights on acc … Not many @ 57p … No excess option ? think there will be some .
No discount at today’s price .


Was able to buy cheaper today so i did top up @ 56p my buy shows as a sell ?
Trade type AT.


01-11-17 & 02-11-17.
open offer 1 for 28 … they should of been more generous not going to be a lot of take up for 57p with the price today 55p to 57.5p.
There is excess available but brokers can charge an extra fee for that.


VOG didn’t have to do an Open Offer for existing shareholders but they did!

They did this after letting existing shareholders know of the US$23.5 million raised by a placing which was filled on the same day!

Ahmet D ik, Chief Executive Officer of Victoria Oil & Gas commented:
?The additional capital secured from institutional investors will enable VOG to accelerate growth into the high-demand power market in the Douala region. Utilising funds from equity investment, alongside reinvested cashflow and debt, VOG intends to significantly increase the reserves available for gas supply and reduce costs through the development of new fields, such as Matanda and Bomono. The completion of this process will allow the Company to take a significant step towards achieving our production expansion goal of 100mmscf/d by 2021."

What would be the SP now if US$3.0 million worth of shares were bought on the open market…a lot higher than today!