58 or 50?



Buy strength remains weak, so the SP of VOG is close to the 57p placement price.

The Placement was necessary to guarantee the extra cash.

The Open Offer gave all shareholders the opportunity to buy more shares at the same price, which is fair, to limit the dilution effect.

Some will buy extra on the Open Market, but this doesn’t give VOG any more cash for the business.

I am taking up my basic rights but none of the Excess… although brokers normally don’t charge any fees to shareholders for Open Offers, Basic or Excess rights.

It would be good to see the current well completed soon and some of the new contracts expected finalised… and to see our chairman’s royalties capped in fairness to all the shareholders.


With reservations I am taking up rights.



Glad you do not get charged for excess take up , i know of three brokers who do …
Plus more have CA charge ( for any CA take up excess or not ).


Sorry here is the tread 56p ( got the 6 right ) … 1st November … that’s more then one week time it is a flying.
Must spend less time playing this game lol


Been a big fall back here since placing ( 57p )
Threw me when i read a buy reference to 26p must of been a typo from 56p.


Not checked this one for 4 months not sure if that is a good idea or not with AIM.
29p now and talk on a placing over on lse.
Some drop since the last placing .
Almost at my typo price.
Topped up today 26th June had limit for 29p lifted 4.15 @ 28p usually a sign its going lower !
Marked as a sell on history which is not unusual.


Limit top up lifted @ 14.1p @ close, shows as a sell.
Its got a lot worse since big drop today after newspaper reports of placing over weekend the share price showing above is a low 13.75p at close .


Placing yesterday @ 13p no OO for holders .
It appears the newspaper reports January 28th correct just delayed , as they waited for little price increase.
Poster below link to Malcy comment on it .


It’s fell back more since.
Limit did not lift @ 11.5 p
Malcy still seems to like it . blogged on 9th