86 % Fall today



Anyone still in these… surprised no comments.
Of the list of Six Pharma AIM shares on verge of breakthrough on this page i have three is there a more dangerous sector ?
Topped up @ 5.25p incresed limit from 5p a double up of all in ( D )
Looking at post 12th of May 2017 :star_struck: now see three buys in ( D )
Have to check none in ( Wi ) fingers crossed lol


No meaningful news from Motif Bio mngt.
Seems strange this FDA issue was not made visisble prior to FDA submission.
Pretty much everyone wrong footed here.
Always an upside that FDA will get the additional information/clarification they are seeking/require and isssue the marketing authorisation. Share price back up to £40+ if that happens!

But dead in the water if FDA don’t get what they are seeking and no MA issued.


Hi Simon37
Was it today’s fall that caught your interest think i have come across you before on VOD .
My top up today looking ok after a few hours . ( But well down overall of course )
Were you tempted ?


Tempted yes…but already mortally wounded on this.
Good on you …uptick to 7p from 5p so it was the right thing to do if you’re brave enough


I did not realise you were in could not see a post.
Its all a gamble and i have got a habit i am coming to realise .


I thought id gone totally mad today going for this thank God i increased limit to 5.25p
That buy more then doubled .
I can not recall doing that in one day before. :crazy_face:

The share topped at 15p… 10 am next day Friday before falling back to 10p .


RNS … this morning and again panic on LSE , big gap down .
Big spread at open worse first thing, then pulled back range 6.97p to 8.36p.
leddachjack who called it OK on Friday selling @ 14p 11am but then buying back at 4pm @ 11p ( which he regretted of course )
Posts panic and sellers will regret like on Thursday .
( Also on bb GCM i noticed )

Winifrith did not agree with leddachjack blogged you have to be “nutso to hold”
Before open today … went up 10% .
He claimed M&G and Invesco bailing out , well they will get a better price today.
Range today 7.75p to 9.3p @ about 9am dropped a little after the 1.30pm live call in .


One week on from initial bad news it has settled between 6p & 7p .

This ticker very like MTPH and MPH …unfortunately i have all three not one any good lol ( it does not help they are in same sector )


Went to 8.9p today before coming back a little.


Last post incorrect keep getting this mixed up with MTPH this one ( Winny …"the nuts to hold one ")
Has been flat since @ 7p


Up over 40% today so much for Winny "Nuts to hold "
Sold the 5.25p top up mid Feb for 9.5p. ( Good job in hindsight I increased that buy limit )
( D ) has best ever value balance I see today although I have been adding funds last six months, so not a true comparison .
Mistake in hindsight could of got 14p an hour later as USA opened those that held a couple of hours today faired better then my top and slice which took 5 weeks .


Two days later glad I took the 9.5p went as low as 7.15 today , in hindsight should of sold at a big loss the other half near that spike to 14p.
its a complete lottery .
I hope the MMs and not to many pi got hooked on that but I doubt it.


RNS… Placing @ 6p in hindsight should of taken the loss and sold all @ 9.5p six days back.
Might of even got 12p.
Time might say something else but this is AIM.


Dropped back towards placing price noticed in list of most traded shares last few days .
( 6.57 today )


Back up to 11p early … did not improve on that after 2pm ( Nasdaq )


After dropping back to 7p since post , back up to 10p today on 8% rise .


Dropped to 3p by Friday following week .:thinking: