Whatever happened to Aberdeenman and his “private boards” via AMC and 88e etc. ???

He probably made a fortune but God help his POOR acolytes.


If my memory serves me correctly, and my memory is pretty good, about a year ago Aberdeenman said he wasn’t going to contribute as much because of all the unsubstantiated negative and rude comments he received in response to his sound opinions and .advice.


Hi jonmor
Can you or other explain what "private boards " are.


Private boards are set up by people for anyone to discuss a share tips etc. But you need to be invited to join and access.
can be very useful or pump dump merchants. Alway make your ow decision on your own research.


Never got an invite.
No one likes me … ( just like my local team ) … i don’t care. :slight_smile:


You have to wonder with new registrations whether they are the same person

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I’m out. @ 2.2p


Nobody cares, I see the mystic meg goons are out in force talking garbage again, talking about buying at 2.20p and higher rather than 1.9p haha what a joke.


“garbage” i have read its about Stan Weinstein who wrote a book.
Now i am self thought pitting what ever wisdom i have against others , it seems to be against my way but there is a board that adears to it … ACTA.
All seem very educated folk , if you are it would be interesting to see you challenge there method.
If nothing else you will see why some think buying into rise much better. ( No joke there is rational )

  • Taught … sorry.
    The predicted txt does not help my poor spelling. :frowning:


Just noticed it went through top of Bollinger Band , not sure if that indicates buy or sell to some ?


Why would I have any interest in discussing charts on other bb’s when my focus is in the investment I have in 88e. Chart guru’s have been predicting movement and giving it the captain hindsight for months and the only thing speculative oil shares move significantly is on news positive or negative it’s that simple i’m afraid.


I see you are discussing charts on this bb ,
I was just drawing your attention to site were you might learn more about it.
I also struggle to see why they would wait for a higher price to buy , but they claim there is evidence that you make more profit after buying into established rise which then holds .


It makes no sense whatsoever buying 30% higher then then thinking the chart will take it into a massive rise and end up sat on a 20% loss before of news that came out that was seen in a negative light. They predict it to go high and low then disappear when it doesn’t go the way they said but are straight back when it does, nothing but hindsight specialists. I asked rRomeo23 fir a prediction after he bought, I didn’t get one but I got him copy and pasting an old price prediction that went the opposite way at the time and now he’s back with it, this will rocket on good news and plummet on back and no chart can know that news yet. It’s that simple I’m afraid.



Investing in the stock market is all about:

Buy Low, Sell High. Right? Wrong.
Buy High, Sell Higher. Right? Correct, Right.

Because if you buy low, what is low? They don’t ring a bell when price has reached a bottom. It could get lower next week and you could’ve bought more cheaply.

I hear you say: Ah, next week you buy some more at a lower price.
Yes, and it will go lower the week after. And you’ll find yourself down 40% on your investments in 6 weeks. Not clever, is it?

This is called trying to catch a falling knife, you get your fingers cut, innit?
You’ll be throwing good money after bad, not exactly a good idea, is it?

Read Stan Weinstein’s book “Making Profits in Bull and Bear Markets”. Retails at £15 from Amazon, or £10 for a second hand copy. Read the first 40 pages, takes only 2 hours and tell me what you think.
Good luck
Dr M



To illustrate my point have a look at FEVR.

Last year it was £4 went up to £5, I bought. Kept going up kept buying.
Now it’s £24. Not bad for buying high, is it?

There are twenty other examples I can give you from the past 18 months that I bought High and the share price kept getting higher. Examples include:


Have a look at them please before you call me some unkind names. Lol

I’m serious about this principle of buying high and selling higher. It is often referred to as buying on strength or momentum buying.

I works well in bull markets like the one we’ve been in for quite a while now, where there are plenty of shares rising all over the place all around you.

My motto is : Try and make Hay whilst the Sun is Shining.

All very simple and common sense really.

My best wishes.
Dr M


Here’s the FEVR share price for you in link below. Buy High and Sell Higher. Yes? :slight_smile:


I get what you’re trying to say but when a company is news driven and you get chartists making silly predictions based on a chart and when it goes to that level based on a negative announcement, you can’t say it was the chart because a price 1p or less for 88e will be because the well doesn’t flow, you can’t make predictions on a share and buy in 30% higher and expect to get to a level of profit without research when its news driven mainly in spec oil n gas company’s, the man buying in higher is more likely to get spiked like he did. Best regards I hope it works out for you but for this chap it didn’t.


I totally agree with you bedwetter regarding news-driven shares and volatile shares that go up 15% one day and down 12% the next. Agreed. Granted.

I don’t apply my principles to these shares, they’re a law to themselves. These include little resources companies, little biotechs …etc

I thought from your earlier post that you disagreed in general terms with the principles of “buying high and selling higher.”

Good luck
Dr M


I get you can read charts and make money jumping on the gravy train of less speculative companies but the likes of 88e was sat at 2p for months before the news started to flow and make the sp move.