Yes bedwetter. I occasionally dabble in the likes of 88e as a flutter not investment.

The reason is there are at least 30 little resources companies listed in LSE who have keen followers and supporters mainly believing the shares will go up massively soon and get them rich in doubly quick time.

It often doesn’t happen. These shares will flicker everynow and then with no sustained rise over time. Great for day traders or short term traders, not for long term holders. Just look at these shares AFC AMC JLP AAU ?..etc. The list goes on and on.

I reckon one in twenty makes it. Not very good odds for my liking.

I regularly post in the ACTA board. Many people there like these little resources cos and mention them. Thus, and only occasionally, I dip my toes in one of these companies with minimum amount of ££. Just for fun not for gains or investments. I did dabble in 88e for this reason a few months ago and got “bored” so exited pdq. Lol

If you are a good trader you can make some mint out of these shares. That’s usually not me.
If you’re a well diversified investor then why not. Indeed. Enjoy the ride.
Good luck.
Dr M


Marksman51, notice how I haven’t had a clear answer from rRomeo29 yet and won’t do until the news comes out positive or negative and will get told a smug hindsight told you so post like always. You are bang in the money mate, its a gamble 88e with better odds, the fact that they found oil with the original well icewine1, its just a matter of getting flow rates deemed commercia.


" Encouraging trends" says Winnifrith today.
Well shut in for long Alaskan winter… Placing looks likely.


My re-buy limit lifted @ 1.15p … that should start a decline lol


RNS …22 % fall today .
Has not dropped to my re-entry yet !!
Bedwetters point made again .
Marksman your ACTA bb does not appear to be available now.
what do you both make of the ii changes ?


Another bad RNS this morning with many on lse saying its going bust ?
It has dropped below my re-entry now @ under 1p…@ 0.95p


RNS … Rights / OO … 1 for 7 @ 1p .


Managed to miss this one as well again no loss share price hovering around the 1p mark.


Trading halt Asx … RNS 7am Placing @ 1p they had been doing well since rights up to 1.20 p .
Disappointed comments on lse chat, but makes sense they sold rights not taken up .


RNS … Sunday night ASX but only a repeat of Fridays London one , ASX appears to be hind the curve on this occasion .


Just as well and turned out lucky i missed OO top faller today -31% early trading 0.71p
I do not have to many thank God lots of chat HC.


Pulled back all of panic big fall of 5 days ago, three days after weekend.
In hindsight a good falling knife to have caught.


88e …
RNS…Even bigger fall today on duster news… lows of 0.64p… 8.05 am
Saw it early but to busy waiting for visitor to have a look until 10am when it had bounced back to 0.80p


YO YO this one lower than 0.70p today sharp drop @ 3pm .


Placing last Thursday 12th Sept @ 0.7 … fell back to 0.66 not a good sign .


88e …
I do still have these about a 70% trade if i fancy it.
Sold them all in August 2017 , before getting them back on 21st September 2017 @ 1.15p ( Further Further ) …i see they pulled back well of late :grinning: 0.68p on 23rd September 2019
This came to my attention today after seeing RNs re-placing .( Over in Australia so not sure of price )

From an Australian forum price was 2.1c a two day trading halt over there.
Below is an Australian view of London AIM market …!!!
I have just seen all the price info was in the rns below.
Must have been to busy to read it properly .

The AIM market normally only issues a Trading Halt when a company is about to go into administration/liquidation/receivership etc, is my understanding.

For every other event the company has to release all available info to the market and let the market decide.

It’s like the cut price budget version, where rogues abound, allegedly.

Oddly enough had been discussing DrM with share Maiden a few moments ago.
Looks to have nearly doubled since the last placing in September 2109 and it dipped below that a few days after.
Even more interesting after reading Dr M communication with bedwetter above again lol

88 Energy Raising Over GBP2.5 Million To Fund Alaska Projects
from Alliance News | 24th January 2020 08:53
(Alliance News) - 88 Energy Ltd is raising AUD5 million to fund work in Alaska, the Australian firm said on Friday.

The oil & gas firm had said on Wednesday it was planning a capital raise.

88 is placing 238.1 million new shares in the company at a price of AUD0.021 each, raising the AUD5.0 million, or about GBP2.6 million.

88 shares were 3.6% higher on Friday morning at 1.30 pence, but did slip on Wednesday. In Sydney, they closed 7.7% lower at AUD0.024, having been suspended there between Wednesday and when the placing announcement was made in Sydney.

The money will be used to fund ongoing work on assets in Alaska. 88 has a 60% stake in the Icewine project on the North Slope, as well as interests on Alaska’s Western Blocks and Yukon Gold. Work currently ongoing includes the upcoming Charlie-1 appraisal well.

88 will also use the funding to pay lease rental payments, pay off interest on debt, and fund new ventures.

Managing Director Dave Wall said: "The decision by the board to raise additional funds at this time was for several reasons, namely: unsolicited demand for investment at a premium to the most recent placement in September 2019; and a subsequent incremental increase in the well cost due to high grading of the quality of the evaluation program.

“We would like to thank our advisers and shareholders for their continued support as we enter into this critical phase.”

The firm raised GBP3.8 million last September, placing shares at the same price as the current placing.

By George Collard;

Copyright 2020 Alliance News Limited. All Rights Reserved.

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