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This site is rubbish. Funds missing and no comments by company. Analytical data missing. Who designed this useless junk? I am now looking at taking my business elsewhere.


Me too. Cant even find out how to post a comment without replying to something!
I’m out of here!


Just joined II but cant seem to find a way of posting a NEW comment also signed up for Free digital subscription to Money Observer so how do I view it? Help Please!!!


It is straight-forward really.

  1. First you must be logged in,
  2. Click the 3-bar icon next to your avatar (see blue arrow in picture below)
  3. Click on “New” in drop-down manu.
  4. The page that opens should have the grey “New Topic” field. Click on this and a new section opens that allows you to start a new topic. This section comprises four fields that need entries.
    • “Type title” - provide a name for your topic.
    • “Select a category” - choose one of the categories from the drop-down list.
    • “Optional Tags” - add the tag for the Company for which you wish to start a new topic. This is necessary to ensure you topic is allocated to the related Company.
    • The last and main field is for the text of your post.

Have fun adding new topics as, when, and where you like.

One hint though. Before you start a new topic go to the Company concerned and see if there is an existing topic covering what you want to add, if so then reply to this topic rather than starting a new one. This ensure that things are kept together and you may stand a better chance of seeing other posts on the same subject.

Hope that helps!


Thanks for that. The mist has lifted.


the mist is there. on firefox there is no ‘New Post’ button. This site is rubbish, exactly the same as business decisions of Interactive Markets / GAIN capital group. Gain capital group can decide anytime (and done that to me) to withdraw from offering of some european indices without a notice, no matter what does it mean to your account balance. Highly recommended to stay away from Interactive Markets. It’s easy to lose with the markets even without ‘help’ of the broker.