AGM tomorrow , Sino 2 alluvial revenue due mid July , Omnia Hard rock update due anytime



With Sino 2 coming to the end of their first full quarter since the renegotiated contract of Feb 1st 2019 it should be a very pleasing AGM . We know Sino 2 are heading towards the chicken farm area where they’ll encounter less overburden and higher grade alluvials hence not only greatly increased throughput but higher returns on that throughput should be forthcoming .

Weather in the Manica province has been favourable for a while now allowing Omnia to further advance the hard rock operations they’ve signed up to . Not forgetting fair brides is also available to them but the 12 hard rock areas previously available to them should be showing signs of a revenue stream by now . Preparations are everything in mining hence tomorrows AGM might shed some light on those terraces .

Strange how a company such as Xtract Resources is valued so low by the Market Makers , under £3m when it’s debt free , owns the Manica Prospect license , has sub-contractors doing all the work creating an ever increasing revenue stream but then Shorts are applied with the usual placings being used to close them by Market Makers . Xtract Resources hasn’t had need of a placing since 14th Nov 2017 . Mainly because Mr.Colin Bird transformed the company into a low cost , low risk business with huge potential opening up in the copper exploration joint ventures in Zambia on top of the ever increasing alluvial revenue stream from Sino 2 and of course the hard rock of Manica to give it that lift that’s just around the corner .