Any views welcome!



Does anyone have a view on where this one is going?.

No comments for ages.

Am I the only one holding?

The 5 year chart looks like the “Big Dipper”, but I am hoping it doesn’t “dip” much more!!!


Morning Zappados
I am not invested here, but I’m watching it very closely. Way, way under the radar. Its trading below what I would consider it to be worth, and if The Amazon deal comes off, it could go anywhere. Risky, but definitely worth a punt. What do you hold, and at what average?


“if The Amazon deal comes off, it could go anywhere.”

Yep, and if anyone has any doubts about an Amazon smartphone tie-up, then listen from 13:10…and it’s likely launching in June. ie imminent


Hi Steve,
I have been in and out of Bango since 2005. Initially bought at £2.06, and it went South. Averaged down in 2008 when it hit 55p. I sold and made a reasonable profit in 2012.
Currently have a reasonable holding at average cost £1.63. Could have sold a while back for a handsome profit, but sat tight. Thinking of topping up (averaging down) at current level.

I still hold the faith that Bango has the potential to make me a bit more money. [-o<