Are you getting involved in the Open Offer?



Are you subscribing to the O/O? Are you going to use your excess facility?

  • Yes
  • Yes, and with excess facility
  • No

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Almost a sweepstake. From what I see the OO will be either fully subscribed or very close to it.


Well I’m taking up my basic allocation in both my ISA and Holdings account. The shame is that I have no spare cash to throw at the excess facility in my holdings account and only around £5k to throw at it in my ISA. As long as the larger holders and Directors are taking part(upon which we have been re-assured) I suspect those who are bidding for excess will offset those who have said they are not taking part.

Ergo it should be taken up in full or close enough to get some projects over the line before they go to the institutions for more cash imho.




It certainly does look as if we shall be close to target or over subscribed here.
I might just get my 25% extra?!

I look forward to us going to the institutions for more cash as in the words of MK on the call, ‘although this OO is the best way to satisfy existing shareholders and reduce dilution. But potential funding of specific projects particularly build own operate (BOO) or back to back produce/consumeMSAR we can then look at debt which will suit perfectly and not dilute shareholders’.

The cash is in and I see that the sp has rallied today


Cheers Fillpot, I made the election in my ISA this morning and hope I get the additional £5k worth. Mid price is now above the offer price so that is encouraging.

There seems to be a clear plan to get to commericialisation here without diluting shareholders or Directors, and no-one can argue with that. Let’s hope that the news flow recommences soon after the results of the offer have been announced.




O/O has been extended to enable a major SHer to transfer the funds. Likely caused by the Christmas and New Year holiday period slowing everything down (e.g. if they needed to liquidate some holdings and haven’t received the funds yet).

Further to the Company’s announcement of 7 December 2018, Quadrise announces that it will extend the latest time and date for receipt of completed Application Forms and payment in full under the Open Offer, or settlement of the relevant CREST instructions (as appropriate) from 11.00 a.m. on 11 January 2019 to 11.00 a.m. on 18 January 2019 in order to give Qualifying Shareholders who have not yet applied for Open Offer Shares the opportunity to do so.


created extra time for a positive RNS before closing date ! ?


I am interpreting the RNS literally; it seems quite reasonable given the proximity to EoY shutdowns that occur at many companies and institutions.


Ok so I’m relatively new to shares this and FRR, so my question to you more experienced traders is:- do I exchange my current QFI shares to the new one?

Thanks in advance



The open offer allows you to acquire newly issued shares at a 1:10 ratio with your existing ones

Refer to the open offer doc for more info


Yes I have reserved my allotment.



Requested a million more


Yes just my 10%, would have applied for more, but I had already topped up before Christmas.


Well both my own and my mrs accounts and isa’s in ii have two lines as follows;-

  1. ‘sub shs claims purps’that shows my entitlement
  2. ‘excess applications’ that shows our approx 25% extra applications

Cash for both subscriptions and excess has now been taken. I feel a warm glow but that could be the readybrek! :blush:


Thanks for sharing, Fillpot! I know most brokers ring-fence the cash and refund any excess you were unable to attain.

Certainly wish I could have committed more to my excess facility, but was difficult timing for my ISA.

Let’s hope it’s the news we’re expecting come 21st.


Open offer shares in my ISA today.