The poor results from Astrazeneca make me wonder about Neil Woodford’s enthusiasm for the company. Will he change his stance or continue to insist that the patent cliff and other problems are all in the price and that the shares are cheap?


He obviously thinks the shares are below value. Guess he might be right, as you could argue there will be a major “wealth transfer” from the retiring baby boomers to the health sector in the coming years. Or, maybe the pharma companies are planning to do what Paul McCartney did and do some deals to get copyright laws extended…

Woodford may be a class investor but I still feel no IT should be at a premium. I am looking exit the remaining half of my holding now if goes above 5% premium


Concern is that I don’t see any evidence that Astra has a viable long-term strategy. I also plan to exit EDIN after it goes XD. It isn’t too difficult to put together a portfolio of high-yielding shares and save the Trust’s management fees -especially with tools like Stockopedia available.