Baffling fall/Oversold



Like many shareholders, executives are confused and frustrated with the weakness in the share price despite delivering solid operational performance year to date,? a Merrion Capital analyst wrote in a note to investors.

?We are not going to assume that something untoward is happening at Greencore because its share price has been under pressure but prefer to base our assumptions around recent updates, guidance and industry trends,? the analyst continued.

Analyst Jason Mollins told clients that Goodbodys stockbrokers near-term forecasts ?are unlikely to change materially, albeit medium term profit growth may be nudged down slightly?.

Over the past week Greencore?s share price has fallen by as much as 15 per cent.


Yes this is sliding fast.Apart from negitive Brexit news,no more frozen food in US.I guess that its to do with Amazon who have bought a food retailer and will next week start undercutting some prices.Market has well overreacted .GNC was doing well a year ago and now is at a modest level.I might buy in again soon .
Good luck.