BARC Comp - S16 W18 OPEN - Closes 9pm SUNDAY



I am in pessimistic mood at the moment with The Groper’s trade war and the Brexit shenanigans.




Knowing the price you are so eager to pay for my cast off corsets, Bunsey, I know “that” comment means you are angling for some more…


Frog streaks into the lead this morning as the sp hits 140.81. Unless there is a recovery in the BARC sp, it looks in the bag!

Frog in a tree

postscript…BARC jumped around a lot within a 2.5% price range today before settling on my side of the fence!


Steady as she goes. It looks like I wasn’t as pessimistic as I should have been.

I don’t hold BARC but I took a look at the fundamentals today. I was surprised to see that it’s p/e ratio was around 15. It must have been a bit overvalued before its recent fall.


Frog in a tree