BARC Comp - S17 W4 - Closes 9PM Sunday



Perhaps momentarily, once again Frog hops into the lead and ahead of Lady Jennifer…hop, hop, splash!


Hopping and hoping…

Frog in a tree



Hope is good. But after all this “hopping”, I just hope you’re not going to be “hopping” mad by 4.35PM. :wink: It looks set to be close. GL anyway.


Hopping back into the lead Jack. Only 3 and a half hours to go and the trend looks good. Not greedy though, would be a happy frog to get a podium. Good luck to all.




Thanks, Ole!


When you’re smoothly exiting Schipol airport immigration , check out the queues for non-EU passport holders and think about how enjoyable that will be on post Brexit piss-ups on the continent.