Black Sea Shelf - Dolphin area and Frontera



If they haven’t, Pophead, why are they fighting so hard for the licence? Only alternative IMO is a massive loan.


How is that press release “great news”?


It’s just more perplexing Bear. Who said it was great? I do find it hard to believe they just keep pushing on with nothing but we just don’t know. We just know nothing.


PoP…absolutely agree! These morsels whether they be from court dox or rumours, keep trickling through from the ether but we are still kept firmly shackled in the dark ages!! :rage:

eyeson…maybe one day just maybe!!!


…and another one!! This has just popped into my inbox!

Frontera contesting in court decision of PSA commission on Dolphin deposit

Frontera Resources Ukraine LLC on August 7 filed a lawsuit to Kyiv’s District Administrative Court against the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine, as well as the interdepartmental commission for organizing the signing and implementation of production sharing agreements (PSA), in which it demands to cancel the results of the tender for the development of the Dolphin hydrocarbon section on the shelf of the Black Sea.

According to the press service of the company, Frontera considers the actions and decisions of the commission, as a result of which the American company Trident Black Sea Inc. was determined as the winner of the tender, to be illegal. In particular, they said that the commission has exceeded its powers stipulated by the legislation of Ukraine, approved decisions that contradict government acts and violate the procedure of conducting the tender with regard to the timing of determining the winners.

Earlier, the company announced that it intends to contest the results of the PSA tender for the development of the hydrocarbon section in court, indicating that the commission should have sent to the Cabinet of Ministers conclusions on determining the winner of the tender no later than July 13, 2019, but violated these terms.

As reported, on April 12, 2019, the Cabinet of Ministers announced a tender for the development of hydrocarbons within the Dolphin section on the Black Sea shelf under PSA conditions. The agreement is valid for 50 years.


Who said it was great?

Err, that would be you!


Ah ohhh doh!! Yeah I did. Thought you meant EyesOn bit. 30tcf is pretty good news I’d say if true.


Does FRR get turned on by filing lawsuits. FRR should read FFS


Yeah, it’s great news. IF it actually has been “certified”, which I don’t remember happening.


You think they are just simply lying bearforce? No judgement in that question by the way because I understand how desperate the silence is.


I don’t know. But, as I read it, I couldn’t help but wonder why a company that has discovered the third (?) largest gas field in the world is currently a de-listed sub-penny stock.

It doesn’t add up, does it?


And has NOT paid legal fees


Zaza new what he was planning last October
And the outcome.
At the last shareholders meeting he expressed that we are left with golden tickets.
Now the reality is we all are fooled.

Time we shareholders rebel against BoD.
May be few of us go to Georgia office ???


Here he is last October. 8m30 into video re-evaluation. bearforce we are locked in and until we know for sure we can either believe he’s telling the truth or believe he’s telling lies and either way we can’t get out, we can’t do anything. I choose the path of not suffering in worrying that it’s all a fraud until facts tell me otherwise.


What a cool preacher
We should nominate him for sainthood
For speaking nothing but the truth


I guess that Zaza’s Beatification will be complete in investors eyes once he has delivered the BP farm in, Gas sale, BH drill plans, excellent production results on current drills and announced the future funding including delayed seniority on the debt. Goodbye OMF and Hope.


I wish ! :sunglasses::sunglasses:


Discussion on suing CAIRN for signing false RNS
It’s time Frontier shareholder group to analyse this the possibility?


Looked like a lot of BS from StarRage to me. Claimed he had been paid out and was constrained by an NDA when asked how much and who the lawyer was.


Bob Hope more like