Bought with my divi



Added to my shares using my £1,400 dividend. Got 1,592 @ 0.878958. I now have 62622 shares. Just as the market was closing POG almost reached 1300. Not sure what’s going on there, hopefully it’s not just a spike but can be maintained.




Centamin short interest is closing and t started beginning of May. We do have two gaps in the chart below us and if it falls back I can add 70% to my present holding. So your not alone on this run.



Gold seems to be maintaining its new level, at just under $1,300, which is encouraging :sunglasses:

Meanwhile CEY is boring me to death, after its recent recovery. I think we need some positive news to get us rising again :sleeping:.

Counting in my dividend my portfolio is up a very unstable grand. I wouldn’t be surprised to look after posting this to see me down a grand :thinking:

I’m still very positive, I just need to wait and see :moneybag::moneybag:.

It is always possible that we could repeat earlier in the year’s unaccounted for rise to 135p :slightly_smiling_face:.

Doubtful but who knows. Better in than out :+1:.

JB, going a bit icon mad today.


I would hope to see 135p being hit for CEY around September or October. The USA stock market is massively over valued but denied any sensible correction. The value of USD is taking off again against all currencies. Having protective tariffs for host industries and rapidly appreciating currency only ends way and its not good if history is anything to go by.


Should also add that the pound is devaluing and this could continue for another two to three months. Centamin is priced in a currency which is falling in value. This is a tail wind.


I’m happy enough to hold on until later in the year. It would be a dream to hit 135p, that would mean a profit of £28k. It’s a little bit unimaginable to be honest. Yes I know we’ve already hit 135p this year but here we are closing at 88p yet again.




I think you are correct about 135p. To hit that target we would need to see Centamin beat the production forecast and hit 545,000 ounces for the year. Additionally the gold price would need to hold $1360 per ounce for around 12-13 weeks. If WTI goes above $67 per barrel it will drive gold prices up because of the inflationary impacts that its likely to generate. There is a link with gold in grams to a WTI barrel of oil. Centamin having a solar farm in a growing oil price environment would generate high share price earnings growth for the company. There will be a time when we can only invest in gold miners who can do it this way or hydroelectric or anything not oil that is cheaper energy source.