Brexit Wars 3



Macca has kept you all busy this afternoon with his barrel of unevidenced assertions and pure prejudice. You are wasting your time. At least we can be sure that he is not our dear departed friend.




Its not a problem, I’m a professional and can multi-task several conversations at once. Most difficult thing is finding the right browser with the correct bookmark to refute his facts.

Wish I’d bookmarked Pete’s post on who funded Brexit! Missed out on that rebuttal.

I’m not going too hard though - he’s joined late and isn’t aware his arguments have all been shot down long ago.

I didn’t even bite at the ‘Totalitarian EU’. Had a good chuckle though. Probably doing 1984 for English Lit. GCSE


I suspect he gets his ideas from far right Brexiter websites. Interesting that he doesn’t provide his sources.



Indeed. Like I said, a lack of cohesion and actually contradicting many arguments by other Brexists that post here.

More from the infamous Golden Sachs and the Financial Times, that famously biased newspaper…

The investment bank said that Brexit has cost Britain about 2.4 per cent of gross domestic product, compared with a hypothetical “Doppelgänger” economy that did not withstand a Brexit shock. Its estimates suggest that the UK economy has underperformed other advanced economies since mid-2016 as a result.


He suggested earlier that only eurozone members were involved in negotiating trade deals. The attached document rather contracdicts this.



It could actually be true that the UK isn’t at the table SINCE article 50 was invoked. In which case, he voted for the situation.

Its obviously bollocks that only France and Germany negotiate trade deals for the EU. You have to wonder about the mentality of someone who can hear that somewhere and pass it on as a fact. Unfortunately, there are likely many millions more like him gagging to vote Brexit party. And they wont change their mind in a 2nd referendum anyway because they’re not rational or open to arguments.

Better to revoke now and ensure it can’t ever be re-invoked without a parliamentary majority.


Yes, that would have been the case after A50, but not before. He suggested that to participate in the negotiation a country would have to be part of the same currency area. He said eurozone and meant eurozone. And he was wrong.




EU and Eurozone are synonymous for many Brexiteers, I’ve noticed. All part of the over-simplification.


Reply to self…

After Farage denied this morning that he received finance and other support worth around half a million after the referendum, Banks has essentially confirmed that the story is true. How can anyone take this lying toad seriously?

Frog in a tree


It doesn’t matter Froglet… this time it’s about… Democracy. Apparently.


Thats usually the response when Brexiters have NO arguments left…
I Quote the many many LEAVE lies
response They are true… ……………………. Lose that argument
Then What about REMAIN lies … ……… …………Lose that
Then You are a Remoaner and Traitor……. ….just childish insults
Then final stage… ………Get a Life. Im Bored Blah same-old blah! etc


Really Simple… EU want to stop Tax dodgers
Tax Billionaires FUND Farage to Lie about the EU so they can keep paying tax in Belize etc
Farage/Leave use racist lies to incite
Old tactic that works IF you have money

Nigel Farage received £450,000 from the founder of pro-Brexit group Leave.EU in the year after the Brexit referendum.
Items paid for by Arron Banks included Mr Farage’s London home, his car and trips to the US to meet Donald Trump.
A spokesman for Mr Banks confirmed the amount and what it had been used for, saying it was an “honour to help”.


You anti-democrats do make me laugh. Is this what you do ; gang up and talk in the third person. Bless.
Enjoy leaving the Eu, losers.
Hugs & kisses from a winning democratic Leave voter


you put up 10 democratic people who have about 6 billion between them … and try to compare that to Goldman Sachs and George Soros who have trillions between them.
What’s it like being the unknowing, unwitting foot soldiers of the Establishment?
You don’t even realise, you fools.


Oh dear. We take over all Eu law when we leave. That includes all tax avaoidance laws. Why do you keep peddling that.

For your information arch Remainer Soubry has voted against implementing offshore tax avoidance laws in the Uk for the last 5 years. Why is that?


As far as Banks is concerned he can pay Farage whatever he wants. Is that against the law?
Are you clutching at straws here? Bless


Pete. Try not to get involved with a discussion you know little about. That way you will not look a fool.
I’m just trying to help you Remoaners get your lives back.
enjoy leavigg the Eu.
Hugs & kisses from a democratic leave voter


Pete, the world is full of so called elite… and the funding for remain came from ???
Please post some pictures…
I consider junckner, tusk and their cronies as a type of eu elite because none of them are directly elected by the people.
Constantly posting pictures of “the ten” doesn’t mean anything. except… elites? what about these??
… ring any bells?


wrong again cupcake. Since the introduction of the Euro we have never had a seat at the trade deal negotiating table.
You should be thanking me for the education I am giving you.
Instead I get stupid comments from you and your mates.
It is not the first time as your desperation seeks new levels.
That’s what happens when you are on the wrong side of morality

Enjoy leaving the Eu
Hugs & kisses from a democratic Leave voter


Post your sources or stop embarrassing yourself.