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It is simply the case that freedom of movement applies. Therefore there is no problem for anyone wanting to travel backwards and forwards between Poland and the UK. You really are not clued up are you?



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FIAT - hi,
I think you must be losing it m8.
I only managed to get 0 Level maths but I seem to recall that 122 (the number of veterans you quote), is somewhat less than the 1,300,000 MAJORITY who voted for Brexit!
Has the whole logic of mathematics changed or are you losing touch with reality?


You were not following the thread.



good point JAR.


I got this below from the BBC so are you saying because the BBC applies for EU grants it is under the EU control??
Would that not mean the anyone who gets EU grants eg farmers etc are also under EU control?
as the UK’s Department for International Development. Research and Development is the biggest donor does that mean they also control BBC…

In general as you saying that anyone who donate money to an organisation is in control of it??

BBC public service news programmes are not allowed to take any external funding, including from the EU.
World Service is also now funded by the licence fee, although the UK government has agreed to pay for some new services.
There are three areas that do not influence BBC editorial policy that benefit from EU money

BBC Media Action
BBC Media Action is independent from the BBC - it is an international development charity set up by the BBC. In 2014-15 it received 5% of its funding from the EU, which was £2.3m.
Its biggest donor was the UK’s Department for International Development.
Research and Development

The BBC applies for grants to help fund its research into broadcasting technology that has contributed to developments such as Freeview and DAB digital radio.
Last year it received a grant of €607,953 (£472,197).


You don’t need to follow the thread. Basic maths dear boy.


FIAT - hi,
OK I’ve been out all day - sorry I wasn’t hanging on your every word.
Why should the views or 122 people (whoever they are) be more important than 1,300,000 voters?




you forgot the 229 million euro in soft loans. BBC bought and paid for by the Eu.

What the BBC say in their charter and what the BBC do are two ends of the spectrum.

‘UK’s Department for International Development. Research and Development is the biggest donor does that mean they also control BBC…’ quite possibly as they don’t tell the truth on many things overseas. Take Syria for example. The chemical weapons been exposed as a sham. The BBC promoted Assad as chemical weapons killer. A complete lie and one which a BBC reporter admitted.
…or a BBC reporter driving around in a jeep owned by Al Nusri, an Al Qaeda affiliate (the jeep’s windscreen bent near horizontal, exposing the reflection of the name of the rebel faction murdering Syrian citizens.
but of course, you think our government is so squeaky clean and they haven’t given ground support for the Saudis in their bombing and subsequent mass murder of the Yemen people.
ps. the UK are working alongside the French and USA.


OK - losing it and falling asleep.


SO the BBC is controlled by the EU
‘UK’s Department for International Development. Research and Development
The BBC promoted Assad as chemical weapons killer
you think our government is so squeaky clean and they haven’t given ground support for the Saudis in their bombing and subsequent mass murder of the Yemen people.
ps. the UK are working alongside the French and USA.

last bit lost me a bit are we saying the UK is supporting Saudi with the USA and france against yemen (not really what we are talking about) is the EU to blame?


Just giving you an education, son.


and they haven’t given ground support for the Saudis in their bombing and subsequent mass murder of the Yemen people.
ps. the UK are working alongside the French and USA.

are you saying we should not be selling weapons and support to Saudis. ??

it’s off topic but I’m trying to understand you.


Whilst he will appear on the BBC leadership debate it has been reported that Johnson is ducking out of the one on ITV. He will be “empty chaired”. Clearly his campaign team are very nervous about his tendency to gaffs. If they are, why should we trust this man with the highest office of state? Perhaps JAR as one of the Tory party members who will have a role in this might like to opine?


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Sellibg weapons is trade.
What do you think group d support means?


Well well well. Hot off the press from a businessman turned Brexit Party MEP elect.
Enjoy it you clueless Remainers. The facts of a functionless Eu Parliament ;

Ben Habib was elected a Brexit Party MEP for London at the 2019 European Parliament election.

As I hurtled towards the big EU machine on the Eurostar from London St Pancras, I had initially intended this post-induction piece to be a light-hearted reflection on my first experiences in Brussels. The beer was good, the bureaucracy was bad – that sort of thing. But in view of the seriousness of the inherently undemocratic structures which govern the EU – and, therefore, the UK – I think it important to focus on a few things about which even eurosceptics may not be fully aware. First and foremost, the European Parliament is not able to initiate, block or repeal legislation. It may suggest amendments to legislation, but it has no authority to act like a true legislator and its suggested amendments may be ignored. Laws are proposed by the EU Commission, comprising 28 unelected representatives, one from each member state – typically retired politicians or civil servants. The ultimate approval of legislation lies with the Council of the European Union – again, an unelected body of ministers whose voting rights are based on the size and population of the countries they represent. The Council may block legislation but, since the requirement for unanimity to pass laws has been steadily replaced by qualified majority voting, even this chamber has great difficulty in acting as a check on the Commissioners. Given the power concentrated in the hands of the Commission, it may not surprise you to know that its building in Brussels is by far the largest – out of a series of very large buildings. I used to regard the EU Parliament as merely a talking shop: potentially a voice box for dissenters but with their having no ability to perform any real function. In fact, it is not even a voice box. The Parliament is structured in various groupings and unless a given group can muster a large enough membership its members/leaders get very little airtime. It is not sufficient that the system is toothless; dissenting voices are, in effect, also muzzled. So what does the Parliament and its members actually do? From what I could assess, as a new boy, close to nothing of substance. It does not even meet on a daily basis as you might expect of a national assembly. It only meets in what it calls “plenary sessions” for a few days a month, mostly in Strasbourg, not Brussels. These sessions create the trappings and appearance of a Parliament in action but the EU Parliament is functionless. This does not stop the parliamentarians from being treated with the greatest of respect by the bureaucrats who support their non-function and provided with generous packages to enable them to “fully” discharge their non-existent duties: offices in their home countries, Brussels and Strasbourg (three offices, in case you lost count); staff in their home countries and Brussels, first-class travel to and from their home countries; a fleet of diplomatic cars to ferry them between the Parliament and the station/airport; and a special travel document which signifies the MEPs’ terrific importance. It’s a gravy train so well drilled that any mediocre career politician fearful of getting a real job – and for the record I already have a job, having been in business most of my adult life – would fight tooth and nail to retain the EU Parliament. With such largesse, it is not unknown for eurosceptic MEPs to go native. You can, however, rest assured that I shall be doing no such thing!


Perhaps Mr Habib should resign in protest instead of riding the gravy train. Say what you like, but Sinn Fein stand for parliament but simply don’t take up their seats in a parliament that they regard as illegitimate.

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no picture of Mercedes taxi that was a skoda…