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Within the context of this thread it is legitimate to discuss English nationalism. It is commonly referred to in the serious press. I don’t think any said that Brexiters were nazis though some Brexit supporting far-right groups are, including the likes of Tommy Robinson.

I might add that if you don’t like the conversation you could avoid this thread.



Not really funny is it … or are you not referring to those officers in charge of killing people in concentration camps


I might add that I am a great supporter of multicultural Britain.

It has done much to enrich my life as has our membership of the EU.

The majority of younger people and many older people with higher levels of education agree.


Frog in a tree


German 1930’s propaganda and politics is one thing … please don’t reference brexit and to what happened to the Jews!!!


You really are funny… with your phoney indignation… the only person who has mentioned that… is YOU!


I’ve told you before … my g grandmother escaped 1930’s Germany … I have no knowledge of her family history or relatives … don’t push it


In what? Jewish organizations in Germany are very unhappy about the rise of populism and condemn attempts of AfD to sell their anti-muslim agenda as pro-jewish.

I see AfD, french RN, Trump, BP and whatever as different instantiations of the same phenomenon. They all advertise themselves as against an elite that forgot the people or even works against the people. …and that is not something new.

If people don’t want to be reminded or see the parallels…ok, but I think they are there.


So what exactly are you doing when you replace “establishment” by “Jews” …


One of my family’s best friends was a German jew who escaped with his brother on the Kindertransport before the WW2 broke out. I am in no doubt of the worries that they have about the rise of English far-right nationalism. I also met a Californian woman of Jewish background who was similarly worried about the Nationalist/racist Groper. Her family and my family friends had lost many, many relatives in the war. You don’t need to lecture me about the dangers of nationalism. But there again, you are a “see no evil” Trump and Brexit supporter. On the grounds of anti racism I would never have been tempted to vote for either of them

Can I suggest you lay off this topic now?



I never Fuc… started it !!
His reference to the Jews was wrong … and you are the one prolonging it … my last post on the subject


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I pointed out that the slogan wants to create a division between the people and some other (smaller) group that holds the true power and works against the people.

Read again what Mr.Carpet has written not only once. People vs. establishment, people vs. parliament etc. The latter provides more material to scrutinize for historical parallels.

Isn’t it dangerous if an atmosphere is created in which people believe the parliament is against them? What’s next?




We know you didn’t Fynne… the Germans did… they invaded Poland.



“fed up with all the bullshit from the overly vocal minority …”

…and so that is why you want to kick Scotland out of the union…simply because they have a different opinion to you and your overly vocal minority?



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Well Trisco the Referendum ruined my life in a number of ways. But umpteen thousands of others have been affected by this ignorant racist cult far worse than me. And you and all Brexit supporters are to blame.




Hi JW,

Although the Haaretz article dates back to 2014, it makes many points that are as relevant today as then. The article is written from a jewish viewpoint but it doesn’t resile from dealing with the issue of UKIP’s essential racist agenda and the need to address it. I was struck by this passage:

"Nick Lowles, the inspirational leader of anti-racism group Hope not Hate recently wrote that “we believe that UKIP is deliberately stoking up a hatred of foreigners for political gain. We recognise that not all UKIP supporters are racist and that they are supporting the party for number of reasons. But when a political party deliberately whips up an anti-immigrant frenzy by using provocative imagery and false claims, generating a climate of fear, then they must be challenged.”

A very different attitude from Fynne who, despite having a jewish great grandmother never took enough interest in her history to find out about her experience. He might have learnt something.


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Or alternatively it shows I can adapt and learn new skills.
Unlike Pete!