Brexit Wars 3



I see Buns has crawled out of Stormzy’s ar*e this morning to enlighten us all with his cheerful thoughts on death. Given your never ending fixation with the eternal footman I’m surprised you didn’t become an actuary.


I reckon JAR must have turned his toes up as he hasn’t been on here crowing lately. What a shame if he’s missed his big day? But looking on the bright side it would be another cog in the wheel of progress.




Certainly true it will end up a mess but labour seem to be intent of keeping this lot in power.
The only reason the Tories have this lead is labour being divided on Brexit and a leader who was too left wing for Remain voters to accept.

NOW they have learned nothing…

Labour leadership hopeful Rebecca Long-Bailey is leading the race to succeed Jeremy Corbyn, a new poll has suggested. A Survation survey found she would win 42 per cent of first preference votes with Keir Starmer trailing on 37 percent.
Labour chairman Ian Lavery has issued a rallying cry to Brexit-backing, working-class northerners to join and get a vote in the contest, claiming the party is too dominated by Remain-backing, southern members.

PS HJ has proved himself to be a liar…


But you don’t want them to be divided, you want them to be all out for remain or rejoin, a path that would guarantee total annihilation at the next election. The working classes do not want freedom of movement, the red wall is not going to vote for a party that promotes it.


Yes I would like them to agree on Remain /Rejoin.
Brexit will be such a mess it will be the obvious move to make sure Tories get the blame.
I dont see there are that many committed Brexiters now thats a myth its mainly ERG with reputations to protect and PPL like you on anonymous boards.
Outside folk who voted LEAVE are quiet with lots of doubts and when companies start folding as the farce unfolds there will be a backlash…

You said
Still think the Iranian airliner was shot down by the Americans to you Pete?
I asked
Could you please show where I said that the Iranian airliner was shot down by the Americans ??
You made up a lie so please show where I said that or RETRACT you must have some pride…


and we are going to do a trade deal with this…


This is what you said Pete. I’ll let others judge what you meant. Pretty clear to me what the implication is. Funny how you can derive dog whistle racism from every quarter but have a blind spot for your own rampant anti-Americanism.



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Tick … Tock …
PS – Well perhaps au revoir rather than goodbye. I may look back in on January 31st to add my valued input to the Brexit party festivities.


There is still time left for a meteor to land on the Houses of Parliament and wipe out the occupants of that insane asylum.

When I was last in Parliament Square in November there was a woman sprawled on a bench gibbering to herself. Possibly she was making sure that she got a place during the night of festivities? What a sorry shower of loons there will be who turn out for that vomit inducing and meaningless performance. Meaningless, as the UK will still be in the thrall of the EU but outside the club without any say so whatsoever.

Just watch as Liar Johnson rolls back on all his lying promises and Britain stays within the ambit of the EU without political power, dividing and weakening the EU, just as instructed by his oligarch mates. What a fat account he must have in Panama by now?




Above is the text I used when the CIA made comments hours after the Iran Plane crash…

HW says I said that the Iranian airliner was shot down by the Americans ??

Can anyone explain this or is it Just a LIE


Extract from the FT…
Is the Eurozone collapsing ??

Records have tumbled across eurozone bond markets this week as investors queue to lend to governments, betting that interest rates in the currency bloc will stay at rock bottom for the foreseeable future.
Spain amassed €53bn of bids for its new 10-year bond on Tuesday — the most ever for any euro bond — in a sale that raised €10bn. Italy came close to breaking that record with €47bn of orders for its new €7bn 30-year bond, while Belgium, Cyprus and Ireland have all racked up their biggest-ever order books in recent days.


Yes Pete, and the bit you chose to omit was:

Fund managers have piled in to all but the lowest-yielding debt, calculating that Christine Lagarde, the European Central Bank president, will stick with the stimulus policies, including negative interest rates and buying €20bn in bonds a month, introduced by her predecessor Mario Draghi.

Negative interest rates and money printing to the tune of 20 billion Euros a month. Of course, an economic illiterate like you probably thinks rock bottom interest rates is a sign of economic success.


Err… and the interest rates in GB?

UK = Basket case.




UK interest rate = +0.75%
Eurozone interest rate = -0.5%

Current rate of UK money printing = ZERO
Current rate of Eurozone money printing = 20 billion euros a month

UK BOE Balance Sheet = 580 billion GBP
% of UK GDP = 27%

Eurozone Balance Sheet = 4.7 trillion Euros
% of Eurozone GDP = 38%

But Buns thinks the UK is the basket case. We have a smaller balance sheet, higher interest rates and are not printing money to keep the show on the road. Keep taking the pills Buns


You neglect to admit that the UK interest rates are about to be slashed again to keep the show on the road - UK banks are already hitting savers with this.

20 billion Euros a month is small beer within the context of the Eurozone but enough to oil the wheels and protect the EU from recession which the UK is heading for. And when that is confirmed all we will hear from Liar Johnson and his Brexit supporting, ignorant cockroach hordes is that it is the fault of the Europeans for some lying reason or another. But never mind maybe Putin’s Tory Junta will have Big Ben chiming properly by then.




Yes Buns, maybe even a whole quarter of a percent…which still leaves them considerably higher than the Eurozone

From the horse’s mouth…the only thing keeping the Eurozone out of recession in money printing.

Mate you should listen to yourself more often.


The only thing threatening the EU with recession is moron Trump and his worldwide tariff wars. Hopefully he and them will soon be history. The UK on the other hand with no trade deals anywhere and a much weakened link to the world’s largest economy plus an unskilled and lazy workforce is set for serious decline.




How is the ECB action any different from what the Tories did with QE over the last decade? It is banking orthodoxy these days. I can only presume that the BofE rate cut is to counter Brexit damage. In all likelihood it will bethe first in a series of cuts. Heaven help us if we get clobbered with a world recession at the same time as Brexit.

Frog in a tree


But Jarse doesn’t believe in Keynsian economics he is a worshipper of crank whacko Minford. That’s what being a bank clerk with no experience of the real world does to people.




The Cameron government QE wasn’t exactly a Keynesian approach since the money wasn’t directly invested in works. Essentially it increased money supply and inflated he value of assets. There was a smarter approach which Christine Lagarde has been promoting.

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