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Good to see you admitting that it hasn’t really yet. Many a slip between cup and lip.

Liar Johnson to be gone by next Christmas.




Yes but … which one !! :clown_face:


That’s not a bluff, is it?

You do know we sell most of our fish to the EU, I suppose? You seem happy to cut off your nose to spite your face. Especially when the finance sector loses all that EU money. A lot already gone, of course.

This government will walk away on WTO terms and put several sectors out of business forever.

We then accept lower standards and 19 times the cases of salmonella which will mostly kill off the elderly.

Fantastic deal. As you say, happy days.


You’re the one that has been predicting a recession in Germany for the last 4 years. Keep it up, you’ll be right sooner or later, just like a broken clock. Hypocrite.


If they do, I hope the EU switch the lights off. I’d love to see them play real hard ball instead of falling over themselves to be nice to people like Farage and Johnson.

Then we’ll see who the real bluffers are … that’s if you can understand the concept which you don’t appear to have any grasp of.


Eadwig, don’t worry about the older people with the food poisoning, most know how to cook for themselves, it is the youngsters that eat crap.



The picture in wartime France was mixed. The Vichy government was a puppet run by those with right wing inclinations. They justifed their government by the thought that they were preserving at least part of France from administration by German occupiers but in reality they Catholic right wingers with nazi sympathies.

It was different in France to Poland because Poland didn’t have a government in the war. Both countries had both resistants and collaborators.

Certainly the Catholic church did little to resist Nazism.

Frog in a tree


What did you expect them to do? Arm all Bishops and Priests with suicide vests?


Just reading a book on Hitler right now. The SS special groups executed all priests they could get their hands on in the first 3-4 weeks of the invasion of Poland, along with other specific (educated) targets specified in their order.s. Hard to resist when you’re dead.

Ethnic German Poles were given a special dispensation and organisation by the invading Nazis and had to be disbanded (mostly merged into the SS) to curb them after they killed between 75,000 - 180,000 civillians in less than a month. They certainly collaborated. They collaborated so much there were instances of the Wermacht being diverted from attacking the Polish army to try and curb the ethnic Germans excesses which they were disgusted by.

There was no Polish uniformed collaborators of course, unlike Vichy France who fought the allies on many fronts including African states, Syria and the middle-east and collaborated with the Japanese in Indo-China.

That’s the difference between an organised nation of collaboration and a relative handful of individual collaborators. One deploys divisions, the other is a few desperate individuals trying to stay alive.

Why you’d even begin to compare them I don’t know. You certainly have a thing about Polish people.


Always got the USA oops
What would they BUY from little England…


Care homes will buy the cheapest chicken they can find and feed it to the most vulnerable elderly people. Fair point, otherwise.


Pete - this is the real reason why the US are so keen on eliminating Huawei equipment… they want to control it all so they can continue to eavesdrop on whoever and wherever they want.
It’s quite the reverse of what they say.




I understand your fondness for Poland given your relationship and the amount of time you spend there. Me too, in relation to France. But we need to face the truth. In my discussion I am trying to be balanced in terms of what happened in both countries. Just as there were French fascist sympathisers, so too there were Polish fascist sympathisers. Some of these were willing and some less so. I understand that the ethnic mix of Poles but in the end German ethnic Poles were Polish civilians. I have read quote a bit about wartime Poland over the last couple of weeks and it is clear that both during the war and immediately after the war that there were outbreaks of ant-semitic mass murder. Nowhere have I read that these were ethnic Germans who committed these attrocities. I think that we have to face it that there has been an undercurrent in Polish society that is anti-semitic that have been ready to commit these crimes. I don’t buy the argument that those involved were coerced into those actions. Much more likely is that there were numbers of willing collaborators. “They made me do it” is the oldest excuse in the books.

There has been quite a lot of press comment about Poland being in a state of denial about the actions of SOME of its civilians during the war. This is not something that I have made up. What is clear is that the current right wing Polish government does not want any examination of this. It cannot be the case that their only objection is that people might believe that it was the Polish government created the extermination camps since the well understood historical fact is that there was no Polish government during the German occupation.

All the best,

Frog in a tree


Look at the sites that repeatedly show this though Froglet.

Just as there are repeat offender sites / Media for showing Alt Right / Far Right material… it is the same with these stories.
That’s not something I’ve made up.

Probably right… but who’s saying otherwise? Some were probably coerced… others weren’t/some were probably more easily coerced than others. So what?
I very much doubt if Poland as an occupied country reacted in any different way to any other invaded country… and same goes for if England had been invaded where we’d no doubt have seen Death Camps operated throughout the country by willing English.


I wouldn’t say I was particularly fond of Poland at all. If I was, it wouldn’t stop me pointing out that you are harping on one people as though they were somehow to blame for the holocaust rather than the Nazis. As is the press you are reading.

You’re dancing to someone else’s beat and you can’t even see it. At the same time you’re playing into the hands of a potentilly dangerous nationalist government, which I will always speak out against wherever it is.

I already gave examples of how Poland, like many other countries, was anti-semitic. No question of an “undercurrent”. In the 1930s there were still laws restricting the activities of jews in certain ways. Just like there had been in Britain up until a few decades earlier, although the British antisemitic laws were much more stringent. Why aren’t you talking about those?

If you want to know about ethnic Germans throwing off their Polish citizenship and joining in the ethnic cleansing I can start you off with “Hitler, A Biography”, Ian Kershaw. My next non-fiction book is Case White, I expect I shall learn more, because I’d never heard of this short-lived, but massive orgy of murder of Poles before either, out-pacing the SS death groups by magnitudes, and they had already trained and practiced in Czechoslovakia. In Poland the leash was taken off completely when Poles and Jews were classed as sub-human and slaughtered equally.

Was it really? There were outbreaks of mass-murder against many groups by many groups. The more I read the less I’m sure it can be generally labelled antisemitic, especially as no jews were involved in the vast majority of civillian-only incidents. Perhaps they just mistook each other?

I was shocked that groups of jews were killed post war in Poland and elsewhere in Europe when I first found out too. That’s because of what we now know. The chances are the homeless displaced persons committing such atrocities probably weren’t even aware of the scale of the holocaust beyond their own experience of it.

You are viewing history and war from a very comfortable stand-point and making judgements.

It reminds me of Corbyn accusing Britain of sabre rattling when it sent a few hundred troops to Poland, when Russia masses over 100,000 on the Belarussian border every year. Do you know what? That feels VERY different when you’re just the other side of that border and the same army has just annexed half of another neighbouring country and the refugees can be seen on every street corner in town.

So, yes, I suppose my visits to Poland do give me a different perspective. Perhaps you should try it? Stick a pin in the map of Europe, look up antisemitism wherever it lands and then travel there. You wont be short of stories.


with the Brexit farce you would think Gov would be working to get Trade Deals and helping industry compete with US INDIAN Chinese co,s and trying to save jobs.
Surely not just spending money??

Our Gov like Playschool…


Good bedtime stories for Huw and JAR.



…you are harping on one people as though they were somehow as though they were somehow to blame for the holocaust rather than the Nazis.

Eadwig, where have I ever suggested that the Polish people were to blame for the holocaust? You are over-arguing your case to the point of being ridiculous.

As for:

The chances are the homeless displaced persons committing such atrocities probably weren’t even aware of the scale of the holocaust beyond their own experience of it.

…from what I have read these smaller scale attrocities generally took place in villages with the jews being attacked by their neighbours. Anti-semitism and pure criminality and theft seem to have been motivating factors.

The notion that Polish people weren’t aware of what was going on in the numerous nazi extermination camps simply doesn’t stand up. There were many Poles working in those camps and can you imagine that the stench of burning and decaying bodies could somehow be contained?

You say that the sources I have read have been somehow anti-Polish. I don’t think so. Here is one of them which is a balanced article:

From this article:

…many Poles helped their Jewish neighbors. Polish citizens make up the largest group of Yad Vashem’s Righteous Among Nations, a term used to describe non-Jews who risked death to help Jews during the Holocaust. However, other Poles murdered Jews. They participated in pogroms in places likeJedwabne, where Polish locals helped the Nazis round up and burn alive hundreds of Jews in 1941. Individual Polestortured or mistreated Jews during the war at death camps and as civilians, and others denounced their Jewish neighbors. Pogroms even continued after the war was over, as in Kielce, where 42 Jewish survivors of the war were beaten, shot and stoned by Poles. They were among thousands of Jews who found persecution instead of open arms when they returned home to Poland.

Poland was reduced to a terrible state by the war and only perhaps certain parts of Russia suffered worse. What we see is what is meant when we talk of the “dogs of war” being let loose. Social order breaks down and chaos reigns.

The statement that Poland is in denial about what happened in the war stems from the current government’s efforts to try to outlaw and suggestion of Polish complicity in the holocaust and since there was no Polish government this has been taken to include any examination of the complicity of some of the Polish citizens in what went on.

I hope I have been clear enough for you.

Frog in a tree


Let’s just take the first paragraph in your “balanced” article:

“… but soon, implying that those crimes were committed by the Polish state will itself be a crime.”

**WRONG… it is not a criminal offence. As I’ve pointed out to you before but you persist in posting out of date articles… probably deliberately.

"A controversial new law in Poland makes it illegal to accuse the nation of being complicit with Nazi crimes like the Holocaust. "

**WRONG… It does not deny the right of people who survived the Holocaust to speak about their personal tragedies or limit any kind of freedom of research or artistic freedom.

It also outlaws the phrase “Polish death camps.” Both are punishable by prison sentences of up to three years.

**WRONG… The law says… if you actually bother to read it rather than read pro-Israeli lobby junk sites and all the copies of them… that:
"anyone who “publicly and against the facts” accuses the Polish state or nation of being “responsible or complicit in” Nazi crimes will be guilty of a civil offence. "
(Note the “against the facts” part too.)

In fact … almost every paragraph in the story you posted has something wrong with it too.

Biassed, factually wrong, out of date and ignorant.


By the way, JW, where are we with your odds on a second referendum? Could it be that you were “WRONG”?