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Let’s just take the first paragraph in your “balanced” article:

“… but soon, implying that those crimes were committed by the Polish state will itself be a crime.”

**WRONG… it is not a criminal offence. As I’ve pointed out to you before but you persist in posting out of date articles… probably deliberately.

"A controversial new law in Poland makes it illegal to accuse the nation of being complicit with Nazi crimes like the Holocaust. "

**WRONG… It does not deny the right of people who survived the Holocaust to speak about their personal tragedies or limit any kind of freedom of research or artistic freedom.

It also outlaws the phrase “Polish death camps.” Both are punishable by prison sentences of up to three years.

**WRONG… The law says… if you actually bother to read it rather than read pro-Israeli lobby junk sites and all the copies of them… that:
"anyone who “publicly and against the facts” accuses the Polish state or nation of being “responsible or complicit in” Nazi crimes will be guilty of a civil offence. "
(Note the “against the facts” part too.)

In fact … almost every paragraph in the story you posted has something wrong with it too.

Biassed, factually wrong, out of date and ignorant.


By the way, JW, where are we with your odds on a second referendum? Could it be that you were “WRONG”?



I don’t mind admitting I got that wrong. I’m afraid that the Lib Dems and SNP screwed that up and handed the Leavers & the Tories an easy win.


I suggest you look up the term displaced persons and do some reading about them.

How can someone who was a slave in a camp in Germany be aware of what was going on outside his or her immediate situation? They have then spent months or years in a state of half starvation attempting to get back home and find family members amidst the rubble of Europe with any news reaching them at all coming via a Stalinist regime. Estimates vary from 500,000 to 2 million or more dying on the road during this period. And you think they should have a grip on the bigger picture? Many people in the west, from their armchairs, didn’t believe the bigger picture for years.

They aren’t in denial. They are a right-wing, nationalistic government using the standard playbook. Rule number 1. Choose a grievance, I.e. idiots saying Poles were complicit with the holocaust, then harp on about it endlessly creating an external enemy and scapegoat and a cause to rally to. It is their ‘stab in the back’ myth, or the Mexican rapist, criminal immigrants, and you’ve swallowed it hook, line and sinker.

F***ing wake up!

Your reading of them is anti-Polish, or you would have spoken in equal terms about at least a couple of dozen other nationalisties, which you haven’t.

You just keep coming back to Polish inmates who chose to become guards to put off their own execution and get a little more to eat. How many did the same of other nationalities? There may have been a lot of Poles doing it, but then there were more of them dying in those camps than any other nationality, which seems to be a point you have missed enirely.

Poland and later the Russian invasion were different. The SS targeted clergy, teachers and nobility in the first 3 weeks, executing over 60,000. Right from the start that set the standard. Only the bravest German Army officers dared protest against the excesses of cruelty that they witnessed and which spread among their own men to the detriment of army discipline. Only to find that the orders went all the way up to Hitler himself.

Amongst all this, where is the evidence that Poles were complicit in any kind of meaningful way?



The central point I was mKing was"

…many Poles helped their Jewish neighbors. Polish citizens make up the largest group of Yad Vashem’s Righteous Among Nations, a term used to describe non-Jews who risked death to help Jews during the Holocaust. However, other Poles murdered Jews. They participated in pogroms in places likeJedwabne, where Polish locals helped the Nazis round up and burn alive hundreds of Jews in 1941. Individual Polestortured or mistreated Jews during the war at death camps and as civilians, and others denounced their Jewish neighbors. Pogroms even continued after the war was over, as in Kielce, where 42 Jewish survivors of the war were beaten, shot and stoned by Poles. They were among thousands of Jews who found persecution instead of open arms when they returned home to Poland.

What was inaccurate about that?

Frog in a tree


When you post articles that are inaccurate/out of date/wrong and then just point to a section as the part that you were interested in… it doesn’t bode well.

So once again… all you are doing is pointing out incidents that happened around the 40s which also happened in several other countries.
That is how human behaves no matter where they were born and when put under pressure by the impacts of war.

You do seem to glory in war and spend a lot of time seeking out war graves… do you think you are a bit obsessed by that? Couldn’t you do something that actually helps/benefit people/animals today instead of whining on about Poland and atrocities from 80 years ago?


Sort of happened in the Channel Isles:





There is zero chance of the Primary School teacher Liar Johnson and his muppet gang getting a trade deal with the USA this year, nor one with the EU.

Trump is really going to put his foot on the UK’s neck. Liar Johnson will have to get down on his fat belly and lick orangehead’s boots if he wants any crumbs at all. First he’ll have to backtrack on the Huawei deal. This will be plainly seen by the world as a gross humiliation of Britain.

So much for “Taking back control”.





This will make you laugh…

British (UK-EU) passports have, until recently, been manufactured at a factory in Gateshead, England.

British (UK) blue passports will be manufactured in Poland. By a Franco-Belgian firm.

A sign of what is happening out in the real world. One way traffic for business.




Maybe JAR and Jarse can argue with this guy and tell him how wonderful Brexit is for business?




yes asked these muppets over and over
to make up for lost EU exports



JW hi

Another (welcome) outcome of the Tories win.
Going … going …



This is actually Britain admitting it is now a smaller, poorer country and can no longer project soft power around the world as a result of Brexit.

Just as was predicted, but you lot shouted “Project Fear!”

Its all coming home to roost now, bit by bit. No surprises that @john.a.reeves cant even recognise it


I very nearly brought up Alderney as an example of how many slave labourers lost their lives working on the Atlantic Wall. The number of dead approached 700 and Alderney is an island about 3 miles by one and a half mile.

There is a very beautiful, simple memorial in the middle of the island to all the Russian prisoners who lost their lives with many of them named specifically, if I remember correctly.


It is unbalanced.

Posted in isolation it looks like you have a problem with Poles and are going out of your way to attack them. In fact that is exactly what you have been doing, as well as trying to shift some blame for the holocaust to them.

Its very insulting considering that you keep going on about it despite the millions of Poles who were murdered at the same time and the German plan to murder all community leaders right from the start to try and stop any sort of ad-hoc resistance forming.

If you were saying the same things about Jews there would be a huge cry of “antisemitism!”.

Perhaps we need a new word for anti-european racism. There are plenty who would qualify on this board.


Pathetic wasn’t it? Also the bit where every deperatment has to cut 5% off their budgets - its straight out of Yes Minister … as will be the way each department manages to do it just by fudging the figures.


when accountant tells a business they need to stop spending…
2 choices listen or
get another accountant … that’s what UK has just done and results in Bankruptcy…


yes they dont need the BBC anymore.

any idea what benefits this or Brexit has for the UK
to make up for lost EU exports


The new accountant will still work in the same treasury full of the same advisors with the same figures. That’s the thing about the civil service.


I am ashamed to say that until yesterday I had never heard of Caroline Flack. Clearly I am behind the curve of the current popular zeitgeist and the celebrity opium of the masses.

I see however that the lightweight Minister Grant Shapps says that ITV owes “a duty of care” to its presenters. How so? What is the company supposed to do, put bodyguards in their 40 year old stars’ bedrooms to stop them bashing their partners?

Of course this is all a tragedy at the individual level, but Shapps would be better being concerned about the Government’s duty of care to:

  • The millions of children living in poverty.

  • The cruel treatment of 100,000s of elderly people under social care.

  • The victims of flooding which is happening right now.

  • The millions of people whose lives are being wrecked by the stupid Brexit carnage.