Brexit Wars 3



Why would I answer to you if you don’t answer to me. Go away and don’t use double nick names. I will report you.


Didnt think you could answer .

I did answer. Said I’m not smart enough to know


If you use double nick names, at least try to alter a little bit. It’s too obvious. The same way of evading questions and answering back with nonsense.


He or she is the former Last Call. Remember?

I think it’s worth reporting. The volume of posts alone should be raising red flags


What double name. I’ve never been before.

Can you answer my question? Because I’m sure as a remainer you can


Can you?


Are your earlier nick names blocked or why are you inventing new identities? Answer that one first. …a teletubbie yourself.


This is my first foray to a board.
Next you’ll accuse me of being a brexiteer.

Well 17 million plus will have some common traits. Much like posters on boards.

If i seem similar to any it’s not that uncommon. Millions of posters out there


Ok let’s start again. I’m very ignorant about markets. I’m a newbie. Here to glean info from others so:


BeansforDinner was originally “Last-Call” and got banned. Then he re-emerged as “COBO” and got banned again. With his constant messaging he made a thorough nuisance of himself. I don’t know what he called himself before he got banned on the LSE boards.


Frog in a tree


Seems frog is on a mission to build a banning case. No wonder this board has so few on it


Not a chance. The UK is more likely to fall apart. Scotland Ref2 and NI voting for unification -their Remain majority having been betrayed by the DUP gangsters. Plus an exacerbated North South divide in England as conditions worsen still in the old industrial towns.

The above will not come about immediately as we will be in the EU in reality for at least 2 more years, just without any power in it. And hopefully we Remainers can sabotage it anyway.





You should know that stats, however impressive, don’t always represent the bigger reality. According to the ONS who compiles them, even if a person works 1 hour a week, they are now classified as employed. Meanwhile, myriads of unfortunates out of work who are carers or have been sanctioned, are no longer classified as unemployed. Is that a fair representation of reality?

Also, much of the better economic data can be explained by UK’s warehouses full of record levels of stock-piled products in preparation for No-Deal.

Neutral view: if anyone makes a strong claim with conviction & then they’re asked a question to explain, it seems basic etiquette to answer, not evade answering by asking yet more questions. :wink: - GL


Very true. It’s why I dont know why they insist on stats here to back up remain case.

I answers with honesty. Said I dont know. Not smart on it. Then asked the question.


All any of us should care about is the next profit. And that aint in the public data.


You’re not similar to anyone. Nobody posts 100 posts a day. It’s nothing to do with Remain or Leaver. It’s about your chronic need for attention. Everyone knows you’re Last Call. The sad fact is, even with 40 posts a day, people would have indulged you. 100 posts day and your attention seeking behaviour gives you away.



I too don’t know as the issue & longer-term repercussion are too complex for my limited knowledge. FWIW, I was always an uncertain, then later a remorseful, Brexit voter. However, I do increasingly listen to what others, for eg. many in the wider world of UK business, are saying loud & clear. It concerns me that according to their best forecasts of what a No-Deal could entail, for many their costs will increase & will need to be passed onto customers or result in job losses.

As you know, UKX rallied strongly in 2018 largely as Sterling collapsed & many FTSE stocks represent global businesses who register their profits in dollars.

The key question for me is, do we need this economic uncertainty & long-term, costly constitutional upheaval? In view of the intellectual weakness behind many a Brexiteer’s argument, I think not.

To clarify, I misguidedly & reluctantly voted Brexit at a time when all polls, pundits & bookies had Brexit as losing by a significant margin. In that climate, I wanted to register a vote against the EC not having greater accountability with the wider electorate & to give the profoundly smug Cameron greater self-doubt. How stupid can one be? I own up without excuse. - GL.


Yes its also about Some not all Brexiters just trying to save face ashamed of being conned into voting for a farce.


I don’t listen much to the business world. They said a leave vote would be detrimental yet most of their shares up 20-80%.

They say it. But when they don’t get what they want, adapt fast. Well if share Price is anything to go by.



Another 200 on the way. Ready? Ask your coach to dissect it. Seen as you cant make up your own mind