Brexit Wars 3



Yes its also about Some not all Brexiters just trying to save face ashamed of being conned into voting for a farce.


I don’t listen much to the business world. They said a leave vote would be detrimental yet most of their shares up 20-80%.

They say it. But when they don’t get what they want, adapt fast. Well if share Price is anything to go by.



Another 200 on the way. Ready? Ask your coach to dissect it. Seen as you cant make up your own mind


The reason he can post 100 a day is he does no research or thinking, just posts empty thoughts from his empty head… No point in engaging


100 posts a day. Free thinker. Don’t need to be spoonfed garbage to regurgitate it here.


A blatant lie. You’re right, you’re not very smart.


You just proved my point below last reply to you today…

The reason he can post 100 a day is he does no research or thinking, just posts empty thoughts from his empty head… No point in engaging


Blatant ignorance. Your right. I’m pretty stupid engaging


I thought you didn’t vote and you said that you would ‘reluctantly’ vote Leave in a 2nd vote. So either you’re changing your tune or I misremembered (I cannot be asked to trawl through the hundreds of posts you’ve made in the last 2 days).

Are you playing games?


You don’t have to vote to win. I just agreed with the majority position. Hence win


You can’t tell the difference between unemployment and employment.

School tomorrow. Ask your teachers about it.


Earwig claims no record low unemployment figures. Schooled in Brussels


You can post a million times a day if you want…it’s a free world currently, but once you have opposing views or do not agree with the puppet master he will associate you with a known banned user to try and discredit your point of view, He is only interested in having Leave supporters banned to shut down the debate.
I’ve reported him for labelling me as someone else , will await ii admins feedback, but would suggest you do the same.


I will. I was about to open a trading account with ii. A very large account. But il wait to see how they treat this first


Make a case for Brexit. Do it with intelligence and facts. That is how a discussion should be. Is that possible? Evidence speaks against it and you don’t help improving that.


No, it’s much more serious than that. It’s a DSM IV class 2 Personality Disorder. Somewhere between NPD or HPD.

You know it takes a hell of a lot to upset the equilibrium of this board. If we all agree to ignore him, he/she will go away, but, if one personal indulges him/her he will have his/her audience.


Am pleased that you have flagged. All the mods need to do is to compare your Broadmoor posts with your Willis posts. The styles are identical and the language and the memes are common to both your IDs and are as sure as a fingerprint. “Puppetmaster” is one of them.

Cheers, frog


Im not trying to make a case for either side. I’m simply stating a fact. Voting done and wheels in motion. Albeit with many bumps. If a new referendum was to occur and remain won, do you not foresee the same bumps? A pointless exercise


UK Unemployment rate.


Backing a view with “I don’t know” is foolish. I admit it’s very human and people have always been like that. That’s what Brexit shares with religion.