Brexit Wars 3



Make a case for Brexit. Do it with intelligence and facts. That is how a discussion should be. Is that possible? Evidence speaks against it and you don’t help improving that.


No, it’s much more serious than that. It’s a DSM IV class 2 Personality Disorder. Somewhere between NPD or HPD.

You know it takes a hell of a lot to upset the equilibrium of this board. If we all agree to ignore him, he/she will go away, but, if one personal indulges him/her he will have his/her audience.


Am pleased that you have flagged. All the mods need to do is to compare your Broadmoor posts with your Willis posts. The styles are identical and the language and the memes are common to both your IDs and are as sure as a fingerprint. “Puppetmaster” is one of them.

Cheers, frog


Im not trying to make a case for either side. I’m simply stating a fact. Voting done and wheels in motion. Albeit with many bumps. If a new referendum was to occur and remain won, do you not foresee the same bumps? A pointless exercise


UK Unemployment rate.


Backing a view with “I don’t know” is foolish. I admit it’s very human and people have always been like that. That’s what Brexit shares with religion.


As i said, schooled in Brussels


Seems @macbonzo , the coach already roped you into the psychology course. What’s next?



Can’t admit you’re wrong - and you have a large trading account? Dream on, Walter Mitty.


Actually, it makes all those posts really funny now I think back on them.

Very funny indeed.



Respect the fact your at least not on Crystal meth, hallucinating I’m a horse or some other poster.

That’s a good start anyway


And those old figures INCLUDE the million or so on long-term health benefits, which the new figures don’t.



A comparison of IP addresses is very easy for the admins.


I assumed you were on crank, though.


I see that above we are in Irish music mode.

Here’s one for the DUP.




Assumptions again


I would have thought so too but maybe I wouldn’t have dropped the hint!



No. He or she has “a very large trading account” plus his red Porsche.

It’s all a bit “Top Gun”.


Porche? What an insult


So anyway…now that we have all decided to deal in facts…anyone own a business where you need to prepare for the exit? What’s your experience to-date?