Brexit Wars 3



Backing a view with “I don’t know” is foolish. I admit it’s very human and people have always been like that. That’s what Brexit shares with religion.


As i said, schooled in Brussels


Seems @macbonzo , the coach already roped you into the psychology course. What’s next?



Can’t admit you’re wrong - and you have a large trading account? Dream on, Walter Mitty.


Actually, it makes all those posts really funny now I think back on them.

Very funny indeed.



Respect the fact your at least not on Crystal meth, hallucinating I’m a horse or some other poster.

That’s a good start anyway


And those old figures INCLUDE the million or so on long-term health benefits, which the new figures don’t.



A comparison of IP addresses is very easy for the admins.


I assumed you were on crank, though.


I see that above we are in Irish music mode.

Here’s one for the DUP.




Assumptions again


I would have thought so too but maybe I wouldn’t have dropped the hint!



No. He or she has “a very large trading account” plus his red Porsche.

It’s all a bit “Top Gun”.


Porche? What an insult


So anyway…now that we have all decided to deal in facts…anyone own a business where you need to prepare for the exit? What’s your experience to-date?


With respect Ead, your chart shows (showed) the unemployment figures for 16 and over (not under 18) and it shows (late 2018) at being at or close to record lows,since 1971 at least.

Ah I see you just edited it.thanks


I just changed my wording at the top of the chart in case it misled someone who hadn’t followed the thread. You were already posting though…


Very misleading. Misinformation from a remainer. Typical


Just showing you to be a liar or wrong.
As you can’t admit to being wrong we must assume you are a liar.


So what your saying is, no unemployment records to the low side were made? Since the brexit vote .

Staggering. Every journal since August 18, all lies