Bring on Kabwe!




Was researching somehting else when an article came to my attention which was somewhat interesting!

Now who do we know with a lot of vanadium in the spoil heaps?


Good find dk. Kabwe is going to be a big earner for many years to come and the closer we get to production the more its value should start to be reflected in the share price. However I am fairly certain this will not be the only project JLP has in Zambia, and one might do well to research the interests of the Moore family out there and how they might be able to assist in bringing something juicy to the table…



Been doing a little digging around Kitwe and the Nkana taillings dumps. Kabwe would be very small beer by comparison, and the dumps are very close to the train line which would give direct train access for the 114 miles from Kitwe to Kabwe, where Sable has a direct train line into the plant (Pretty much door to door). Sabstic has just been fined for pollution leaking from the taillings dam, so Zambian Govt. may well look favourably on JLP becoming involved to sort things out.

The dumps are full of copper/cobalt, and the Sable plant was previously used for copper cobalt leaching.

If this is the next project that LC is lining up, then the JLP SP will be in the £’s within a few years, and JLP will be firmly in mid-cap territory. Starting to get a warm feeling about Zambia and its significance for JLP’s future!

Not sure about the Moore family interests and will see what I can find but you may need to point me in the right direction as I am struggling on your hint at the moment. Not sure which Moore family?


Good digging dk and well done on finding the transportation link. That really does make those dumps prime targets.

The involvement of Moore family trusts was something I picked up from the placing briefing but has been difficicult to pin down, given that there is no TR1 which seems directly relevant, so I am assuming that they stand behind Quantock Plc who are registered in the Seychelles. They remain clouded in mystery, but you might be able to find out more info if you paid a subscription to this site:

My hunch is that they are linked to Moore Capital Management:



Hi ToT

Thanks, will have a look.

There are a couple of Moore Family leads you see, there are the Moore Family Office that is effectively aligned with Moore Stephens Accountants, who have done some work in Zambia on mining issues, and then there are the Moore family which is aligned with George Moore who was Hygena and other businesses, and whose family also has significant family office and trust interests via Boston Group as well, and neither of these as far as I know/can see are linked with the Moore Capital Management link you provided, which seem to be American, the two former being UK/IoM.

If LC can crack the Cu/Co tailings dams at Kitwe as the next project, then that would be massive. Many multiples of Kabwe as there are in excess of 180M tonnes of tailings at Kitwe, good transport links, and the Zambian Govt. are concerned that a lack of maintenance at the dams have the potential to cause an environmental disaster and are on the owners case, so we could enact an environmental clean-up as well as a financially very valuable project. If LC isn’t already looking at it, then he certainly should be. It would keep Sable going non-stop for a decade or two!!



It seems that I might have been barking up the wrong tree dk. There were several references to family offices being involved in the placing and having done a bit more googling I now think it’s probably the one related to Moore Stephens as they’ve done a lot of work out in Zambia.

As you point out Kitwe is massive and I think that might involve bringing in a partner, and perhaps that was what LC was doing in London recently. He would be in a very strong position to negotiate a deal now with Sable already in the bag to process the material.



Hi ToT

I think at least one of the tailings dumps in Kitwe (there are a few) is owned by a subsiduary of Glencore! So maybe there are further synergies there.



Real sellers in now?


Eh? The price paid has ticked up steadily since the open and two of the market makers have increased their bids since 10:22, but they certainly won’t be getting their greasy little hands on any of my stock.



Just the new high at the start of May was serioisly diverged. Did drop . Not sure if that divergence is put to bed yet. So just wondered if anyone else thinks it is . Was put off buying thwt morning stab to near 2.20 Never like when they start triggering buyers in a higher divergence . Can sometimes be issue lows


I put it down to short termers heading off to chase the next hot stock. It has since consolidated with end of day bulk buyers mopping up the earlier sells, and the chart is now suggesting that the next leg up might now have commenced. I’ve just added a few more to the pot anyway.



Delivered to wait on a return to early May high and will buy if divergence is broken at that stage. True break out scenario.

Your earlier buy looks good so far. Nice call. If gets to May high, nice buffer for you before i even start lol


Great presentation but what I’d like to know is how they extract these metals from all the tons of mud etc… The kabwe project for instance, they are after Zinc, Vanadium Plantoxide and Lead. some work that


JLP are currently scraping muck up off the floor and extracting chrome, fine chrome and 6 different metals jaytee so Leon should be (S)able to sort it out.


That divergence last week a tough nut


Yes the RSI and Momentum divergences are noted Armageddon, as is the fact that the sp has touched the lower Bollinger band today where strong support seems to be kicking in. The rising 50 day moving average also seems to provide a potential support line so I’ve added a few this morning.



I don’t normally deal below the 350. Had a dabble last year and realised these need a slight variation so worked on that and I think nearly there.

Jlp, not checked fundamentals as I dont short these.

However I would think the month was a very bearish open. Closing above 3.25 would be positive into June. But needs that. Otherwise bears of the more than day trade nature will fancy it in June. But only opinion. Maybe fundamentals change this. I don’t know.

Hope your right anyway. And she flies for you