Buy 198.85 (shares)



First re-add of real shares, along with the posted 4 longs. Reasons: popular banks out of favour, but they look oversold & BARC has shown decent support just below these levels.

Target flexible, but on this it will be higher than for the leveraged holds. Circa 210+ at least. Preferably closer to 220 resistance if the climate is conducive. - GLA.


Hi all,

Still long here in addition to said 198.85 shares buy.

Longs at 210.81, 209.66, 207.81 & 202.50. All were posted live here & on BARC+.

I’ve added my still open longs in BARC here as all previous longs added to thread titles have been deleted by iii’s new layout. All are referred to somewhere inside threads, but I can’t & I won’t be bothered to find them.

As I posted them here with reasons, out of mere basic integrity, I’ll also post any closures with reasons.

Otherwise, after making a number of critical posts about the new site elsewhere, I’ll stay away from here until, hopefully, the clutter & mess of this juvenile site is improved. - GLA.


Hope It All goes well Jack.
As long as the market deigns BARC should be bouncing up again soon .



190.15 long. A 5th SB added well below others due to support levels not far below, ie. circa 190, with a possible retest of circa 180 if the general sell-off continues. Also, volumes so far remain on lowish side, whilst much of the FTSE is selling off mostly due to uncontrollable macro-factors related to growing concerns over Trump’s trade war antics.

Not for the first time, I’m breaking a rule of adding more than 4 leveraged positions, which has brought me mixed results in the past. Some good, some losses. That’s facilitated by the fact that since 5th June & my previous BARC long add, I’ve totally exited all leveraged positions in ITV & significantly reduced exposure in BT, all at decent gain. So I can ride out further storms if the selling here continues. - GLA.


Considering that back in July 2015 when BARC’s SP was 260, Barclays Chairman McFarlane boldly asserted that he intended to double the SP in 3 years, it’d be interesting to hear what level of creativity in the BS department the Chairman might manage to come out with now. He’s had long enough to think about it. :roll_eyes:

Despite a tranche of shares & 5 longs held here, I’d seriously consider adding a 2nd tranche of real shares if I can release more cash from elsewhere over coming days. Possibly from ITV if we see a spike closer to 180+.

Still bullish for a return to much higher levels for UK banks as more key issues are addressed. As ever, only the timing remains in doubt. - GLA.


Added a 2nd tranche of real shares in BARC at 186.35. Using part of my gains from elsewhere. Reasons: recent support at 185 & a final add of shares long premeditated.

With 2 tranches & 5 SB longs as above, that will my lot here. - GLA.

JD busy day away from desk.


Closed 193.11. Booked some gains as insurance. 4 leveraged longs left. - GLA.


Closed 193.34 - share buy 186.35. Same reasons as before. Still hold 1 trance of shares in BARC & 4 longs. - GLA.


190.61 long. Re-established a 5th long after a recent sell.

Would also re-add a 2nd tranche of shares if it reverses closer to support at circa 185/186. - GLA.


Buy at 186.59. Premeditated re-buy of 2nd tranche in shares on reversal to recent support. However, I’d have much preferred not having this opportunity & to see this at higher levels. It will be higher later, but market just not buying into this in an ongoing adverse macro-climate. - GLA.


Sold 1 long at 194.01 - open 190.61. Just to insure some leveraged gains. Still hold 4 longs & 2 tranches of shares. - GLA.


Sold 195.74 - shares at 186.59. Rather book more gains from any UK banking stock, mindful of what’s ahead for the sector later this year. Thursday’s Q2 can go either way.

Still hold 1 tranche & 4 longs here for any spike. Sooner I can sell the lot, better I’ll feel. - GLA.


193.58 long. Re-added a 5th for any little rise from tomorrow’s Q2. If not, sit tight. Also hold shares as posted before. - GLA.


Buy at 186.87. Re-added a 2nd tranche of shares for reasons as previously stated, not least support just below these levels. Also hold at 198.85 + 5 longs as posted in this thread.

Will review this latest buy at circa 195+ again. That’s my lot in BARC. - GLA.


Again sold a 2nd tranche in BARC for 192.62 - buy 186.87. Reasons: volume low, FTSE very high, Brexit uncertainties affecting banking sector & I’ve enough long exposure here. - GLA.


Hope this ship turns for All holders of bank shares soon .
Until some note of a turnaround is obvious .
Now 187 broken . I hope it holds at the £1.50 mark.

Best of Luck ,


Hi Gold,

Thanks. I don’t mind admitting I’d be seriously brassed-off with my leveraged longs in BARC if this fell to 150. Seems we saw decent support at circa 164/165 about 2 years ago, which was tested a few times. So if 170 goes, one hopes 164+ may find support again. If not, I shall have to find a dark quiet place & stay there for some time to come. - Regards.

BARC sp action


The sp looking very poorly, 1 yr. low.
Earlier I glanced quickly to see where support might be, somehow I got 167.
After some coffee and then reading your post Jack, thought I`d better look again.

You are right, potential support at 165 /164 as you`ve stated.
Have you any thoughts on support lower if 164 does not hold ?
Almost 2 years ago there was a touch of 155, very briefly.


soi ( net long by some degree with only a relatively small amount of short cover and some shares that I am trying to forget about LOL )


Hi Soi,

Good morning & thanks. Interesting thoughts. As we all know, closing SPs far more important than intraday. So even though this has already gone below 170 & falling, still too early to call it.

But I agree with you & Gold that we’d have few crumbs of comfort if SP was later sold down to below 164 with volume. Though looking at a longer-term BARC chart, we saw slight support at 160 In circa August 2016 just before 2 year timeline of previous linked chart.

Other than brief support at 160+, if that also was broken with volume, then easy to imagine that uncertainties around Brexit have continued as that deadline approaches. Then with sentiment probably turned far more negative, circa 155 or even 150 would seem more likely as the next re-test.

All in all, unless Brexit gets a good deal for the financial sector, hard to be optimistic here for the coming months. A problem further compounded by a distinctly unimpressive CEO & a Chairman whose forte seems to be mostly bluster about turning this dog around by margins that were never remotely attainable. - Regards & GL.


Long at 174.46. Premeditated 6th long position in this as margin ample enough to risk it. Just averaging down. Premeditated a while, mindful that though BARC is in a sound condition, all rests on Brexit & much is likely to happen with that issue over the next few weeks.

Also still hold 1 remaining tranche of real shares as stated here. - GLA.