Ok Nickers. I suppose I just have to accept/assume you have some info that seems to be positive but it might have been better never mentioning it and the bit about being asked to keep quiet. With Boosters and all sorts about does it help genuine long term holders? I do hope you take this reply in the positive way it is meant.


Hi SB,

Sorry I’ve been missing in action but I have had some pressing domestic matters to deal with over the last few weeks. Good to catch up with some excellent postings today however, including your last one which has raised my spirits somewhat.

In an earlier post you mentioned the previous hostile actions of Hope including his conspiracies with MND and Lothian Partners. Now if you check out the latter at Companies House you will see that they are effectively dormant with only one Director by the name of Andrew Knott. He has numerous other directorships however, including one of Kalan’s favourites Savannah Petroleum, where he is now President. I therefore start to wonder if Hope has an informal agreement with SAVP to sell FRR’s assets to them if he gets his sticky little hands on them.

To add weight to this possibility if you look at Lothian’s accounts for the year ending 31/07/2018 there is a strange note which simply states that
" During the year the company acted as agent for a person". Acting as agent for Hope would of course enable Andrew Knott to talk to other parties with a view to jointly developing the assets if Outrider were to be able to seize them. This could possibly be the smoking gun if it can be demonstrated that Hope was again colluding with others to seize control in advance of the loan default, and I would love to be present in court if that comes out under cross examination.

If that’s not the smoking gun I am sure there will be other examples which might only emerge once FRR’s lawyers get Hope into the witness box. After all he must have done some advance planning as to what he would do with the assets if he got his hands on them, and I am sure that FRR will have devoted a lot of time to digging up the dirt.



Andrew Knott

Previously Head of Global Energy Investments for Man Group/GLG Partners, prior to GLG Andrew held various roles at Merrill Lynch and DrKW.

This is the link to that document. Interestingly its signed 30 April 2019 but accounts for the period 2018. Its an interesting thesis posted by ToT as given all the critical problems regarding financial matters took place in or around April 2018 and the arguments over who and where the finance was coming from makes it all the more intriguing. If true it could go some way to confirming why Hope was so determined. Were Andrew Knott acting for Hope then Hope would be determined to undermine things at FRR.

Knott is a director of 18 companies, most of them oil and gas related, so ToT’s theory could very well stand scrutiny.

I note sweaty Karolina on the other board is full steam working frantically this weekend to save all the victims from themselves. For someone that posts so prolifically she has some agenda.


Great find TOT, could be worth forwarding to FRR.

I suspect the whole discovery request is to see what, if anything, the slicksters been up too. Steve obviously has a strong inkling but he needs proof.



Great to see you back Mr ToT, and as usual, magnificent input to the discussion. Yes, this Andrew Knott fella looks a bit dodgy and the type that would also ‘sail close to the wind’. If this does go to a Jury trial, FRR would well be within their rights to summons him to the witness box regarding his dealings with Hope and FRR when he was at Lothians. And we don’t know what info FRR already has it’s in possession. But I tell you what, having heavyweight, Rothchilds, in our corner will help compared to this snooty nose kid.

Anyway, one other major difference I want to highlight between our situation and MOIL and that is, in the MOIL undertaking, there was a specific provision relating to the Outrider appointed Director: ‘…will not vote in any meeting of the Board where conflicted’. Well, what did we give Hope when he joined our Board??? ‘Veto’ power, which he freely exercised by rejecting at least 2 lending proposals. Was he conflicted when he used his veto? May be that is why FRR went to Cali because they feel they can present a strong case (with their lawyers) and convince the Jury.

Who knows but with legal cases, it feels like rolling the dice…and I don’t know which way it’s ultimately going to go…


Thanks Gordon and I do take it the way it is meant. The inference was that BH are still working for FRR but not confirmed 100%. I was just trying to add some credence to Devex’s post - failed miserably really!


Thanks SB and also to Duknweev for posting further details about Andrew Knott. He does look like a weasel to me and given his history with MAN group he will have considerable experience of high frequency trading and short selling, so I wouldn’t wish to rule out him being involved in some way with shorting FRR’s stock to make it more difficult for them to raise equity finance, thus assisting Hope’s agenda.

Sweet Karolina on Advfn has a very similar posting style to Tom Winnifrith who frequently uses the terms ‘BB morons’ and ‘fuckwits’ to refer to the likes of us, so it would not surprise me at all to discover that there is some connection there. And let’s not forget that one of Winnifrith’s acolytes’ Easy Brent directly interfered in FRR’s business activities in writing to the State Agency for Oil and Gas in an attempt to get them to rescind the license for Block XII. I will therefore be bringing this matter to the company’s attention.

We now have to hope that giving Stephen Hope a right of veto on the FRR board does not prove to be a fatal mistake, and that’s why a jury trial is essential. Cross examination of Hope by any decent barrister should easily convince a jury how conflicted and self serving he has been imho, and if counsel can extract admissions of connivance with the likes of Andrew Knott and others that should lead to a substantial award of damages imo.



I hope it does go to jury trial and burn Mr Hope once and for all. I’m quite looking forward to it :grinning:


From bugsy-b on the other site:

Knott snippet19 May 2019 20:36
"The lawsuit NordAq brought against Devine also names two other parties from the United Kingdom as defendants – Lothian Investment Partners and its sole shareholder, Andrew Knott.

In his lawsuit, Devine says the defendants are suing to distract NordAq shareholders after they lost “hundreds of millions” in value because Nuoxin didn’t fulfill its commitment.

Devine says the defendants made their allegations based on false affidavits and misrepresentations in order to take the company from him…

What a nest of vipers…

And Avi8r:
Andrew Allister Knott and Michael Knott, born 6 yrs apart, but check Lothian Investment Partners balance sheet year end 2017: Michael Knott listed as a director and Andrew Knott listed as an immediate controlling party.


Good detective work guys


How is all this great detective work getting passed to Zaza ? If shareholders find out information that could be beneficial to the court case then we must get it to FRR or their lawyers. Just saying


Seem to remember zaza once admitting he follows our posts


Ahem - didn’t knott leave Lothian Oil and Gas Partners LLp in December 2017?
Furthermore - I believe that he is only on the board of one company - SAVP.
Also knott has a distinguished career in the city and is well qualified. One of the other board members at SAVP is a former under-secretary of the United Nations.
Hardly the fly by night operation run by a devious youngster - yes I will crawl back under my stone now.


It’s a very tangled web Kalan and people are trying to put 2 and 2 together to come up with answers. Can’t blame them as there are lots of people who have a lot to lose


Agreed jaytee but we mustn’t lose track of the need to be accurate and fair minded. I want FRR to win and to be re-listed and then go on to be a success - I think there is a very small chance of that happening unfortunately. One poster from here has now gone on SAVP board telling them that the share will be suspended as a result of their Chairman’s actions. Even said that my presence on that board was enough evidence to back it up.
No wonder the terms “BB morons” and “fuckwitts” are being bandied about. I put myself in the latter category for being invested here when it was suspended - I have no excuse.

I do appreciate that it is a very emotional time for some - we need to re-discover that British stiff upper lip.


Kalan, you can see the Directorships that Knott holds here: and there are number of them in the Oil and Gas sector. Whilst he stepped down from the board of Lothian Oil and Gas he’s still active with Lothian Capital Partners Ltd and Lothian Partners Ltd which is where some of his ‘extra curricula’ activities seem to be carried out.

Jaytee, I’ve forwarded the info plus a bit more to Zaza. No response as yet but I don’t really expect one in the current circumstances, with the litigation ongoing.



Hi Kalan, just had sight of your second post. FWIW I do not support anyone using this info to have a go at SAVP or yourself. It is just a lead based on past association with Stephen Hope, and as I said in my email to Zaza might just be something or nothing.

Good luck with SAVP.



Thanks ToT - had been on Companies House before I posted - apart from SAVP - all the other companies are the detritus of his past careers - most are dissolved or file an exemption for accounts as they are not actually doing anything. A couple of them hold cash which may languish there until a tax efficient way can be found of getting the money out and also property which may be of value from old exploration work.

Knott seems to be fully focussed on SAVP and although he is director of some companies described as ‘active’ for Companies House purposes, they are not actually actively doing anything.

Fingers crossed ZaZa has his finger on the pulse of FRR - as long as there’s a beat then there’s hope (small h).


Agreed - good to see Mr TOT back in action! A few more points regarding Lothian.

Lothian Oil and Gas Partners originally had two directors but Andrew Knott resigned on 12th December 2017, leaving just Taleh Musayev as a director. On the same day a Company called LOGP1 Ltd was registered as a “Director” - but Taleh Musayev is the only declared director for this “company within a company”. We can safely assume LOGP1 Ltd stands for Lothian Oil and Gas Partners.I

Then there is Lothian Partners Ltd and Lothian Capital Partners Ltd (amongst others of the Lothian “brand”) both only with Musayev as a Director. On 19th March 2019 the name was changed to Scintilla Financial Management Ltd, but apart from that there appears to be no other activity . So a business that appears to be inactive changed it’s name just a few months ago. May be completely irrelevant but does seem odd.

Then there is Lothian Capital Partners 1 Ltd - incorporated a long while back with Andrew Knott as Director - he remains in this role as of today and the company is reporting as dormant. So we have a Lothian Oil and Gas Partners 1 - recently renamed Scintilla - (Musayev) and a Lothian Capital Partners 1 (Knott). Don’t ask me to interpret but people usually set up, maintain and name companies for a reason - and the word Lothian is a common feature

For the record here is the transcript of the FRR court submission from 2016 regarding Lothian and Outrider - when of course Knott was clearly a Director - and clearly also knows Hope:

“…Then, in June 2016, Outrider introduced yet another entity to Frontera, Lothian
Partners (“Lothian”), which Outrider represented was interested in investing in Frontera.
Mirroring its prior conduct in concert with MND, Outrider demanded that Frontera provide
Lothain access to its confidential information in order to evaluate a potential investment by
Lothian in Frontera. At that time, Frontera, through its financial advisors Rothschild, was
already engaged in good faith efforts to reacquire or restructure its debt. Notwithstanding
Frontera’s past experience with Outrider, however, it responded to Lothian’s overture in good
36. During an introductory conversation between Lothian and Rothschild, Rothschild
requested basic information regarding Lothian’s identity, the sources of the funds it proposed to invest, the nature of its proposed investment, its past experience in similar investments, and related basic information that any oil and gas exploration company would reasonably request prior to considering disclosures of confidential information to a third party.
This information was especially crucial, in light of Frontera’s past experience with Outrider and its fraudulent attempt to present MND as a “Trojan horse” investor to obtain Frontera’s trade secrets and confidential information in aid of a hostile takeover bid.
37. Despite numerous requests over a period of weeks, Lothian inexplicably refused
to provide this basic information. Instead, Outrider and Lothian jointly engaged in a campaign to
Case 16-08008 Document 1 Filed in TXSB on 07/21/16 Page 13 of 22
14 pressure Frontera through a series of increasingly hostile calls and emails that implied that
Frontera had fiduciary or other legal duties to open its books and records to an unknown third party with undisclosed intentions towards it. Finally, in mid-July 2016, following repeated refusals by Lothian to reveal the nature of its intended investments, the identity of its principals, the sources of its funds, and other such basic information, Frontera declined to disclose its confidential, proprietary and trade secret information to Lothian.
38. Upon information and belief, Outrider has used and has shared Frontera’s
confidential and trade secret information improperly acquired through MND, in breach of
MND’s confidentiality agreement, to induce Lothian to join in an effort to strip Frontera of its
mineral interests or otherwise to capture Frontera’s most valuable assets, to the detriment of
Frontera’s shareholders and Holdings’ other creditors.”

Always difficult to draw conclusions on this stuff - but if you track back on the Lothian suite of companies - there are quite a few - they clearly have not done anything of note. They can safely be assumed to be shell or dormant companies set up to be used when an opportunity presents itself.

Of course this may have nothing to do with the current set of circumstances - but one thing is crystal clear. In 2016 Hope introduced a company to FRR that had absolutely a zero track record in anything - operations, fund raising, trading or anything else for that matter. There has to be a reason for that introduction - and call me naive but I don’t think it was for the benefit of anyone but Hope, Knott and Musayev.


Excellent work Devex. It is easy to imagine a scenario whereby Hope would want someone with experience of oil and gas development to have a look at the details of FRR to see whether the assets were worth going after. Mr Knott would seem to fit that bill. IF and it is a big IF that is what was happening then Knott appears to have been reluctant to get involved i.e. he would have a look at the assets but not on any sort of formal basis. It would appear that Mr Knott has little to answer for on the basis of what you posted but it may be that Hope tried to get him involved - to what end is only known to Hope and or Hope and Mr Knott.