Yep Kalan - that is quite a likely conclusion. And I can find no evidence of other or recent links with the names mentioned - although the Lothian name still seems to be a common thread.

My money would be on Musayev being the character of greater interest - given his Azeri heritage. So why - less than 3 months ago - would he have changed the names of his suite of very dormant companies from Lothian to Scintilla? There has to be a reason - and he clearly knows Hope and Outrider.

It might of course be nothing to do with what’s going on - but it beats reading about Brexit.


Love this summary from FinnFCR on LSE! :laughing:

“hi Jim you’ve missed all the excitement, we are kicking off a £150m loan to progress operations and YJ confirmed via Malcy that there may be a share consolidation and relist soon. Also the company fully intends to communicate with shareholders as if listed via rns-r and plan a mediated conference call, although haven’t heard much on this lately - in fact think that was mentioned 6 months ago. Hang on to those golden tickets…the dog is catching the car…small bump in the road…frr don’t go to court unless they are confident they win… we have a smoking gun…injunction imminent…Zaza has a master plan.”

eyeson…anything to cheer me up at the mo!


Well all of the above was discussed around six months ago
Has his mate Jim been away long?


The 150 million loan is a pipe dream, there is no loan. The reality is in all likelihood B12 will go to Exxon and Block.


Pure speculation booster? - or do you have evidence? Good to have a dissenting voice but making things up doesn’t help.


It’s common knowledge in Georgia that Frontera are not fit for purpose.

And as for making things up, you better take that issue up with the likes of Butts and the other experts here. When it comes to making things up they excel.

Also SN and Zaza have a very good track record in that department.


Hi Booster
In fact you too do not fit for “any”purpose
go with “facts”


It appears that for reasons better known to themselves that SN and Zaza have deliberately sabotaged this company.

SN seems to have a track record in losing prize assets. To repeat this habit seems extraordinary especially for the sake of 2mill.

It wouldn’t surprise me if they were actually coordinating this action with Hope.


Wouldn’t surprise me if you were Hope. :thinking::thinking:


Don’t engage with the creep!


It truns out Hope has been more than reasonable trying to help Frontera and that SN and Zaza have been very unreasonable, presumably because they didn’t like him.

I’m not sure that not liking someone has a legal basis in court. I’m surprised Zaza didn’t attack Hope with a milkshake.


" 4. The company and its shareholders might find it unappealing to allow a large equity conversion with an uncapped upside when the company may find its value appreciating dramatically in the next several months"

I’d love to know why Hope thought the share price may “dramatically” rise in the next several months. Assuming it was to do with the BP farm in.


Idle speculation.

BP saw the gas data and fancied a piece of B12, T39 data was unexpectedly good and on the back of this well and the BP link up FRR could get some serious debt funding i.e Durham.

Hope realised what was happening but knew his “bionic” loan notes gave him an ace to play at the table.

Zaza and Steve knew they had to get Hope off the board and took a chance with their legal action.


Looks like Hopes response has now been added May 23rd “Opposition/Response to Motion”. Will await Pacer detectives for actual wording!


Weak and pathetic Zaza gets another kick in the nuts. There is no chance of an injunction.

Zaza is just as pathetic as Theresa May, maybe he should join the Conservative Party.

Any sign of 150 mill.


Taffy52 has posted a full write up of the Response to Motion on LSE and by all accounts it is not looking at all good for Zaza and FRR. ‘slam dunk’ seems to be the quote of the day. To sum up Taffy52 says:

“I don’t think the injunction will be granted. What are the chances that Zaza will complete the declaration of solvency by the 29th? Basically he has to say that FRR will pay its debts within 12 months. If he doesn’t do this I think it’s all over. If he knowingly misleads the court he faces 2 years in prison. Can he find $30 million in that time and be certain of it? Are we actually producing oil?”

This from Zeninvestor:
“This is only about the injunction and the liquidation of FRCC (from which the assets have been removed). Steve N and Zaza have until 28 May to sign the declaration of solvency form (stating that they can pay the debt within 12 months). This then goes before the Cayman Court. If the court is convinced the the liquidation is halted for 12 months. With Hope off the board, Zaza can produce his $150 million JV assuming it’s ready to go. Don’t panic yet!”

And this from regdik:
“Will need a Lawyer to look at the finer points but two very different submissions. FRR looking at the whole picture and Hope’s isolating and dissecting various points and looking at jurisdiction and points of law. Its all up to the Judge now how he sees it. The Cali judge can’t rule on the company transferring asset as that is Cayman jurisdiction as is the liquidation. What he is to rule on is there a case to keep status quo until a trial or let Outrider seek to chase the asset.”


Zaza is even moe incompetent than that idiot Theresa May. She has now gone and Zaza is next.



I’d have to agree with our LSE brothers that it looks very bad for FRR. Hope has already pulled the trigger and things are now in motion that will cause great harm to FRR.

I think our only chance is the proved declaration of solvency which will require a guarantee of a loan to repay OMF.


Booster are you Dodge from ADVFN? Ya weirdo!!!


Looking back I bet Zaza wished he paid him the $2m and then went after him through the courts in order to get rid of him.

Did anyone clock from the court docs that T45 was just doing 50bopd, I assume Dino was the same. Probably T39 is doing 300bopd+ hence why FRR can get a loan.

Where’s our 5m tax rebate from the Georgians!!!