Can Anybody Open This Link?



It pops up every now and again that links are posted and our forum members cannot open them due to not having a subscription. So I just wondered if we had a topic forum, would our community work together and copy and paste the articles for others.


I do that, but it is a bit dodgy because it is usually copyrighted material. I always put in the link anyway and credit the source because of that. Most sources are happy to have additional links into their sites and have their name spread around in a forum, even though their copyright is being infringed, strictly speaking.

ii have to be careful of that, of course, especially these days as it seems anyone providing a forum platform is liable for whatever individuals post, potentially.


According to ii admin, that’s why my account is restricted, for posting an external link to a well known financial news provider, but I watch everyday some users freely infringe copyright and provide links and post materiel they no image rights over.


Interestingly, Mr Carpet is not just restricted from posting copyrighted material but also in terms of how often he can post to certain threads and even from seeing and replying to posts from certain users. He is not permitted to flag any posts. This can only be the result of abusive behaviour, most likely abusive flagging, and not breaches of copyright.


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