Dermasys is now to be used to explore transdermal transfer of cannabidiol for pain treatment in conjunction with CBderma Technology Limited:

Who the heck are CBderma?? This is a brand new company, based in Bristol, with a single shareholder named Anthony Michael Parker. Who the heck is he??

All that Google could provide me based on that name is an American ex-basketball player. But the D. of B. are different.

I cannot get over excited about this dearth of info. Does anyone else have any insights?


From what I can see on Google, looks like may be relevant.


Well done, yes. Same company addresses too.


Seemed a +ve RNS to me.
Will continue trying to view FUM through the same eyes as LOAM.


Timing of this JV seems significant to me also.


A JV to not be incorporated in a future sale…hopefully.


Somebody on lse posted this interesting link .
The new investor(s) clearly has much relevant experience.