CEO has he delivered?



When CEO was appointed it was reported he had expertise in jvs and Rene would be able to gain from this expertise. Almost 5yrs to the day , the CEO has only one jv under his belt, excluding Fosun deal, and that is a deal with a US pharma.

Overall 5yrs and only 2 deals and two trials stopped , I suggest the CEO needs to be changed for one who will deliver CTX and hrpc trials on time. In my opinion its time for Rene to come out of the sidelines and become the next UK Shire which means value adding m&a deals and faster trial success.


In my opinion today’s appointment announcement of new business development post makes the case for a new CEO stronger .

The key for me, has CEO delivered?


Rene needs better management of its trials- weve seen too many delays, limited success in R&D developing pipeline.

A new CEO could help to change things for the better.