CEO quotes bank pulling exposure to 4 other contractors



CEO quotes one bank reducing exposure to four other contractors as well as K - citing banks turning negative on construction.

I think the comment is unhelpful because it creates additional uncertainty- better to have kept silent on 4 other companies facing similar banking issues to K.

K’s share price might fall to 405p- rights issue price - I think a new team needs to be parachuted in to regain market confidence in the business. What about the previous CEO coming back for a short time to put the business on the right footing; when he left the share price was over £14?


Keeps failing despite liberum resuming coverage with a buy.
Now 446p


Times business reporter recommends K shareholders take up the rights issue.

What is not mentioned is the dividend or senior team changes. Will K cut the dividend pay out to provide additional capital buffer? The top team, in my eyes at least, have lost credibility and should be replaced quickly.


No comment from me on the (need for) changes at the Senior Management level; but on the aspect of the dividend, a cut is implied for 2019 in the proposal to go to a 5 times dividend cover (2.5 thereafter).
To maintain the present dividend with a 5x cover will require a ‘miraculous’ increase in profits. i do think that the days of miracles are few and far between - if they exist at all! - LLV


Rights Friday 30th November 405p its gone below that now .
33 for 50 .
Nil paid trading today .
They opened @ 5p after half hour 20p ?? share price below 405p @ 393p odd .


Rights deadline in two days 409p share price 394p


Only 38% taken up @ 409p… book- runners tried to place them but failed, underwriters offloaded for 360p… closed today 391p


This climbed to 530p by 8th March 2019, fell back to 502p but gaining a little ( 8% ) yesterday
on news of interserve collapse… the 38% and woodford making the better decision with rights @ 409p


Big fall this week now below rights at 383p .
This might of been the third one after Interserve .
So much for Woodfords better judgment just one week on .


Think K is on the naughty step until they deliver consistent profit and reinstate div to past le veils.

If K announces one more problem or large provision then I think K will be merged with another plc.


Tempted @ 340p today did not lift.


Do not have as many as i thought , saw i bought very high on 10th May 2016.
That is because i paid 1167p i see from old post.


In hindsight lucky my order did not lift back in March 2019 , No independent record put in on this holding ( D ) 10th May 2016 @ 1167p only other .
Let rights lapse 20th Dec 2018 @ 409p 38% take up by others.
A wile searching… now in 2nd further further.

Massive fall today 40% on RNS…
I let greed get in the way of patience putting in a limit @ 8.34am for 195p went strait through for 186 , showing how fast it was falling .
Looked like it bottomed @ 158 a short wile after , before the double bottom to 156 had climed back to 167p by midday.


Topped up @ 145p went through soon after not a good sign .


Sliced that last top up this morning @ 171p.

Should of waited up a further 11% next day .


Another huge fall today 30% topped up on way down first @ 161p then @ 145p same price as eight days ago .
Buys @ 143 soon after.
And a third time today @ 130p.
It topped @ 202p after i sliced it "to early " but not with hindsight .
Looks like the last one was at bottom lets see how next week pans out .:thinking:


A pessimistic view on Kier from today’s Observer:

Selling off its profitable house building division seems like a strategic error to me.


Frog in a tree


Fridays gamble did not pay off 30% fall on open … rushing for meeting… Louise ringing hectic .
Had a further go @ 116p bounced to 117p before dropping to 110p.
Looks like market agreed with frogs post, which i did not see yesterday lol



Last weeks short squeeze did not last trend does seem to be down .
Just below my last top today .
Will we see 110 again .
SP … posting new manager @ St James selling it off.
WPCT … is moving up after newspapers over weekend pointed out . ( winny made fun of that )


42 % Rise this morning … maybe this better time to buy it ??