CEO quotes bank pulling exposure to 4 other contractors



Up 20% to 120p today Monday. above June 17th price now .
Maybe it is all about patience ?
Maybe :slight_smile: sold last top up for 145p Wednesday 8.15am … Nearly upped limit target as Lse calling it even higher ( shorts squeeze ) .
145 best I could see by 8.30am .
Need funds.


long chat to ( G ) ( AT ) after today’s buy.
Noticed 10% drop so put cheeky 115p buy back limit on which lifted within mints.
Should of read note 17th June as its 113p now @ 1pm .
Went 110p that day.

And it dropped below the 110p ( Just ) the next day Thursday. :roll_eyes:


Broker note sent to phone by some new people a “broker says buy” .
Peel Hunt with a 200p target.
Topped up again @115p


Appears i bought twice @ 115p … sold almost both of the last two trenches buy setting a 145p ( kept a few back to round up remaining ) it went strait through @ 145.3p dropped back after maybe lucky there .
Above my sell price by midday .


The low was 74p 30th July. ( looking at chart )
Steady rise to 140p by 12th September. ( looks like i got the top there 145.3 on 13th )
Now 105p… 27th September.
Wonder if its just Pis buying and selling and big boys just hold ?