China PV industry going bust



quite interesting, maybe PVCS can weather the storm and see off some of these importers…


I guess the big question is, can they hang on long enough? It could take many months yet for the industry in China to fall low enough to allow PVCS back in. If the Chinese govt step in then there is no hope…


I’ve always had the management down at PVCS as very solid, can they weather it? interesting one. Almost worth a small punt to find out, but I don’t think there’s much rush to be honest sadly at the moment, hence I’ll stay in cash on this.



Stayed in after the big fall. will it ever come back to those levels ?


Very difficult to say, especially with a lack of news from the board. Solar industry seems to be focussing on other methods such as solar farms, solar towers, solar glass and solar paint. It’s all about efficienies and how well these other methods compare to standard solar.
Also depends greatly on solar companies in the far east and who survives.
If advances in batteries can be made, then I could invision a more decentralised power approach, where houses would have a solar/battery array to provide energy at night.
If I’d had confidence and spare cash, I’d average down, but I think I’d rather invest the money elsewhere tbh.


Have not looked at this for years .
Big rise today ?


sorry it should a rise on the beaufort site.
No real rise at all.


dunno, its reversed its long term trend. i’m hoping the rise in installations are starting to have a positive effect on this co…


Sp has more than doubled in the last 3 months, looks like the tide has changed at last.


Got a note i received a letter from broker about something to do with this April 2013 any long time holders recall what that was about ?
This is another of my bad picks that i just held on to. ( my last look at it 4th mach 2016 when i noticed beaufort showed a rise which was not real lol )
Just noticed it seems to have done much better lately maybe its time one of my bottom draw and forget ones came back… most keep declining and go bust !!!
Whats the story here if anyone would be so kind :slight_smile:


last time i looked at this 7th now 2017 price was 26.75p it dropped to 19.5p end of March. 24.5p now 5% up today .


That should read 7th November 2017.
Now 25.3p so just treading water … ( B ) message return of capital and consolation on way .


Consolidation and return of capital.
24p per share then 4 new shares for every 22 old shares .
( B ) just a few.
( S…O & I ) pay 20 June 2019 .


E-mail ( S ) … 1 for 22 *
In day . Return of Cap money due around 20th .
( B & S x2 )


Sold the small amount remaining after the return of cap and consolidation in ( B ) .
13th June for 71p. ( special sale deal period )
Placed a 90 day buy order for more ( wi) lifted today @ 56.96 on 60p. Limit.
8.11am best of day when I checked could sell them @ 60.68 @1pm
Just over 4 times as many .
Might get some more ?