Clinical Trial Application



Well, according to CRO Poland (and some other eastern European countries), approval for clinical trials is given within 60 days.

So FUM, if dosing first patient by end of September will need to get their applications for regulatory approval in pretty soon, within the next two weeks and start recruiting patients well before the end of September…

We really are getting to the business end now


Agree, Aberdeen.

This wait is torture. It reminds me of that film “Midnight Express” where Billy Hayes was serving time in a hellish Turkish prison, but hoping for parole to get him out (akin to us FUM-sters waiting for Mr B to declare the MED deal). Only to be refused parole and having to spend another 25 years in hell.

Will we be denied the same passage to “freedom” from being shackled to an underperforming FUM for the rest of our lives?

Surely we must have a deal any day now. Almost FOUR MONTHS have passed since the results when FUM said ……….

“Commercial out-licensing discussions at an advanced stage”