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Really good presentation, as mentioned on LSE, Alistair Stobie references Amaja our dutch friend (female) as a clever chap for phoning Vopak to get the ‘350,000’ barrel figure quote.

The accuracy of the modelling inspires confidence. Very happy to see Dr Trice, Alistair Stobie and team enjoy their moment.

More oil than we can pump in 50 years by the looks of things!


Excellent presentation. Shame there is a complete lack of comment on the bb’s, most too involved playing facebook to look at their “investment”.

Hurricane present both the upside and the downside, just how many AIM companies can say the same? Just how many AIM companies have the confidence?

As to the Warwick deep drill, anyone looking for an explanation to the RNS’s “evidence”, need look no further then Dr T’s, full answer to the question at 1.54.

I am interested in others views if they have any!


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The presentation would have been much better if we could see the graphs that Dr T was pointing at. We need to see the graphs to understand what he is talking about. He is clearly reading from a script, so hopefully we will find the graphs published on the website together with the talk in written



I was disappointed that we only got to see a 2 hr video 5 minutes before the market closed. I hope Hurricane can transmit the next CMD live or start at 8.00 am to give us poor fools an even shake.


If you don’t enlarge the screen you’re able to view the slides too.


Oops, I missed that. I think I will get the graphs up on the ipad and listen again.

Many thanks for your kind



The graphs are there as long as you don’t maximize the screen.


I watched the whole thing yesterday too, the first half without the graphs :slight_smile:, but then discovered them by accident.

Overall, I was impressed. A willingness to share in detail the potential upside and downside is very refreshing. It takes the snake oil salesman out of the equation completely. I think there may be a bit of looking at WD in a very positive light. It was still P&Ad, even after they tried to test it. So something was not right, certainly not on plan. But I am no expert, so we have to trust them. And the willingness to share everything else means they built that trust rather than taking it for granted.

Obviously the upgrade to production forecasts on Lancaster is the best news for the short term. But the indicators pointing towards 3.3bn booip rather than the lower figures is also very encouraging indeed for the main development. Clearly, lots to go for here. Anyone know what range of recovery factors are plausible here? I seem to remember Bach Ho being pretty good, and Soco’s CNV is still going (also in Vietnam) is still going. But it all depends on the fractures. How much of the rest of the field is as well fractured as the two current wells? Time won’t tell, wells will.

Lincoln up next, spudding shortly, and this is a key well for me to show they are not a one field wonder. They need to get this to flow in decent quantities to justify tying in to AM. After that, Warwick crestal, So still more news flow to come this year.

And a few more 350k deliveries to look forward to along the way.

Nice. And the market likes it. 10p here we come, or did Armageddon miss out a 0? My main concern in the meantime is how the overall market and POO will perform if global growth softens. Whether to hold through it or take some money off the table is a key question for me.



I sincerely hope 10p doesn’t come ! ! !


This is what I have just posted on LSE.

I’ve finally got to the end of the CMD presentation.
The information given was, obviously, fantastic.
The presenters themselves were awful, like amateurs who hadn’t run through it before the day itself.
So much shambolic umms and errs and hesitations.

As for the Q&A I was embarrassed.
“Can you explain about the perched water”
RT, “Read the CPR”
“Can you explain it now”

That is just downright rude.


I must admit, I thought the same. Some say that the answer is in the CPR and defend Dr T but to be frank I’d be quite peeved if I were given this answer by him.

Other than that the information contained in the CMD was superb.


I understand the perched water theory though and indeed if it were water from the aquifer then both (not just one) wells would have some level of water - especially seeing as how connected they are.


I think you intended to say `same’ rather than



I actually did mean some in this case, my thinking was; if you have a pot of oil and add some water then gently upset the mix, then if you suck out some of the liquid from two separate points I would wager you have a variable level of oil/water.

One of the wells has zero water, the other has 5% to 10% - if the water was from the aquifer I would have thought the ‘zero water’ well would have some water in there.

That said, I’m not an expert in any field, I know my place. :stuck_out_tongue:


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