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Closed 11257.6


Try and keep this beast down !


GDPEUR long 11198


Corporate hospitality got in touch, apparently I’m an executive client now.


Dont pay anything


I reckon they’ll be getting paid from commissions. Do they ask for money?


Assume talking about IG in which case much of their money made from spreads and overnight financing I would think.

Most of their clients lose, you are doing well, that is not costing them anything.
They will either be hedging or just offsetting your gains against others losses.

You certainly are trading well. Nice to see.




They also have the spread in their favour. I supposed they lay off cheaper elsewhere.


Heres a game theory
Since they have invited you
Why not ask for concessions
You have nothing to lose
You’ll still make same money

PS dont increase your risk size


Closed 11293.6


Closed 58.0.

This took from july 25th, not sure I’d of closed it but my 58 limit was triggered. Never saw that coming today.

Safe position for the weekend with just my 11350 GBPEUR open now, looking for near 11700 on that but as always, I’ll review intra-daily.

Wonderful week, once again hitting record profits closing on friday.


well done there


Closed 11385
(not happy with that trade)


VIX maintaining its relative position to S&P


Just saw GDPEUR drop 47+ points in a second.


FX play gets very nasty - dont think I can get into it


Would anyone care to advise me on their US500 predictions please?
I’m currently holding horrid shorts and wondered what your thoughts are on the recent rise.

I know it is a pre US/CHINA trade deal bull run. But my dilemma is cut losses now or hold and risk further losses potentially on a greater scale as a deal materialising would see more significant gains.


Can’t help being concerned about a potential signing of a trade deal on the above but if I was a fly on the wall my thought would be trade deal already pushed back to Dec, they are treading on eggshells it seems.

So with a good 4 weeks lead time, maybe I should hold on to my position for now.


Escaped at 3075, big loss but nonetheless I closing yet another Friday on record profits. Still not joining the 87% of losers.


VIX too low to short major US Indices
Follow VIX and futures to manage positions on indices

Very risky time stick to one or two things you know about, if you dont know dont take positions