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Opened a plus500 account today. Had a little tinker with a small trade.
Very easy to setup a demo account.

@BrownAdder, the leverage is 5:1, you said you were looking for a 3:1.

There’s one VIX option which is a VIX Feb option.

So for example I could not trade VIX Jan which may be a useful addition and this is a shame.

It does have something called automatic rollover from Feb to March, I need to read into this as it confused me first glance.

At this very minute, VIX Index is 18.28, sp500 have Feb sells at 18.78 & buys at 18.87

If anyone has any helpful tips on platforms I’d love to know please.


@Swamp_Cat I think you should stick to one provider, IG has better spreads - however choosing a more convenient platform is much more important than spread differences.

VIX my position would be nearer to 15.
In rare bizarre time we live in, it actually could get to 15 - which is my bet - VIX 17 is what all options market are telling us so 17 would be a very good entry, given the potential from 17 could be very high.

If you want to practise SB. Read read first and read again, understand and for demo use LLOY as well. You know a lot about LLOY so that will sink in very good.

Please dont jump from demo to live account within regular one month demo trading.


Check the expiry dates. It is important. I’m trading options (which have 3-4 expiry dates each month). I think you must realise these are short term tools.

Be careful we are in Q4 earnings result period.


gold short 1290.64.



1288.64 limit closed



Gold BUY 1289
Has been grinding whole night, so why not


Closed 1291.xx
(USDX risen, Silver turned negative: closed early)


gold short 1291.87




Welcome to the club.

I am in agreement with BrownAdder re. choice of platform.
I mostly use IG.
Also agree, stick with Demo for at least a month.

If/when you switch to live real cash, keep your positions small.
Take modest profits as and when available.
Protect your capital.

Old saying, experience the best teacher.
Anything you are thinking of trading, watch the share price action, prior lows/highs/intraday swings etc.





Sorry meant to ask if I may, how much time a day can/would you spend on market related matters ?

I have an idea of a general trading plan for you, relatively lower risk within what is a high risk arena.
Somewhat similar to what I did when I started.
Not complicated.




1289.86 limit closed



gold short @ 1291.23



1289.67 closed



gold long @ 1288.66



Thanks for the tips and advice, I have also just opened a demo IG account as SOI & Bowman have mentioned it and I know your top traders, this seems a little more detailed than the plus500 platform at first glance.

With some useful graphical tools where multiple positions are open, I tend to like IG. The spread is moving from 0.2 to rarely 0.1 point.

So, if I bought right now 1 contract ($200) at 18.48 at current price with 0.2 spread, sell price is 18.28.

If I wish to make a profit of 0.2, I would need sell price to hit 18.68 wouldn’t I?

SOI as for time available, I work for myself. Some days I have all day spare and some days I have no time spare. Typically, I have several hours a day available at the computer.
Yes if you have any trading plans you are willing to offer me, I would really appreciate a simple plan to get me going.


1290.67 closed.

Regular earner, happy with trades here.




love it or loathe it - nothing holds and returns value like gold


I see people are stealing catalytic converters in broad daylight. Price of Rhodium is through the roof. Price of platinum and palladium high too.


All commodities have to go up, anything priced against USD will be marching up as USD goes down.

Gold is double edged for being valuable commodity plus safe haven.
Silver is triple edged for above 2 reasons and main conducting product


gold short 1294.62.

I think that is a gift level, gold pays nothing, no yield.

Yet there are people buying it in panic mode.