Commodities Crypto ETFs FX Indices. inc VIX



cl. @ 1294.14



1294.07 cl.



12931.1 cl.



closed last 2 remaining shorts @ 1289.9.

Some chips made and out again



Well, I deposited a small amount and placed some trades, up on every trade so far. 7.4% up in 24hrs. This done by going all in on initial trades & then profits.

Beginners luck I am sure and when the market moves against you, which I am sure it will, I would blow that in an instant.

At present stops are not being used as the initial deposit can be lost in full without pain. But, do you guys advise limits, or guaranteed?

At some point, if market timing is right, I am sure I would set a trailing stop but that’s when I hit the ground running.


Sold 10 VIX 25 Calls at 0.5 exp 13/2

Flattened this position. For me I wanted a quicker response. It’s not to say this will not work out, rather, when I take size, I want to scale quickly. Market seems in harmony at the moment.

Still have quarter position at 0.45


Thats what happened to Palladium about 8 AM UK time Today


Theives were quick to respond:)
(Joking by the way)


2640 achieved.

I really want to short this, but, we have NFLX results tonight and, I think GS


Buying 5 QQQ 162 Puts at 0.37 exp 18/1


This will roll on overnight, not closing.
Will buy more in dip.


NFLX off 4% post earning. Earnings call in 10mins


Yes didnt NFLX lost up to 40% in Dec sell off ?
A major Hong Kong sell-off has added more to broth.
I honestly think we are running on auto-pilot, how much fuel we have ?


US 500 short @ 2642.63



gold short @ 1292.05


1291.03 limit filled a little earlier




Good to read you had some early success.

Here is what I would do as a starter.

Choose between 5 to 10 individual equities,. large cap only.
Spread across say 3 sectors.

Reason for large cap only is tight spread and good liqidity.

Try to follow the price action, making a note of intraday lows and highs.
Try in time to learn where price support comes in on drops, that can be good to know when to go long.

As you like LLOY that would be an excellent one for you to trade.
It happens to be the stock I trade the most.
Choose a few more though.

Your priority should be becoming familiar with the sp moves.

Commodities and indices I am inclined to say do not get involved early on.
They are far harder than individual equities.
Follow them by all means, if you are tempted choose just 1 commodity, maybe gold, spread is tight and 1 index.
Any cash positions keep light, just build up experience.

Do not go all in, allow yourself plenty of room to trade round anything that goes wrong,
Take profits, even if perhaps less than you want.

It takes a long time to learn this business.
If you can get to the level of where you can trade just 2 or 3 different equities, or in the future commodities/Indices, you will be more than half way to making good money.

If you fail on something a few times, drop it.

The above my early approach.
It has served me well.

Take your time.
Ask for help if unsure about something, most decent traders are willing to help.

I think you can do it, no rush though.




US 500 2639.63 short



gold long @ 1290.6.

Hopefully intraday.



gold long 1288.89