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BrownAdder, yes VIX did drop a small amount after I purchased it but nothing much -0.14. I’m still learning trading remember BA and am taking it steady at the moment with Lloyds, Gold & VIX.
This trade may have to rollover as it has an expiry of 7/2/19 with the platform I used.

The VIX futures on IG Trading appear to be 0.9 above the google/yahoo prices, as shown in the image.

BA, if you wouldn’t mind telling me, when you guys such as MacB, Soi & yourself quote a long on VIX for instance as I did, do you quote the price VIX has to be on google/yahoo or do you state the price you went long/short on your platform?

Also when you say you like VIX long at 15is that the actual price or the trading platform price of Buy being 15?


16.58 long Jan 19 expiry.




VIX spot cant be traded and available VIX trades are always higher -
They tend to already price in more volatility than actual spot value.
Thats true for all VIX instruments, SB, Futures, Options, ETFs etc

As for which value you take, that’s your game and your entry price.

I follow actual Spot VIX value. When actual VIX gets nearer to 15, I will go in Long with whatever VIX value offered by IG etc


Hi @Swamp_Cat

Sorry I have been slightly occupied today

Did you go for Futures and which one ?
0.9% behind actual spot VIX is not bad since when it does go up it usually clears few % points anyway


Very quickly, I only quote cboe VIX front month spot


Hi BA, I bought Feb 2019 futures which expire 7th Feb, this will rollover for free but at their new price.

I did not say 0.9% but 0.9. As shown in the images on my last post, VIX spot was 15.73 but I went long at 16.63, that’s the 0.9 I spoke of.

Just being a bit pedantic here for clarity, I did buy/go long at 16.77 the actual spot price was 15.87 at the time.
I only mention this as you wonder why I uploaded pictures with different prices. This was just to clarify what I was trying to show hours after my trade.


ok cool that makes sense,
0.9 points behind is also good, VIX instruments are always behind actual SPOT value.

as I said am distracted today so sorry for nuisance


gold short @ 1315.02.



1313.8 closed



IMVHO the gold market is a beast in which traders normally get their fingers burnt. Personally whenever I have a go at it I manage to get on the wrong side of it. I think when it’s range bound you should be able to trade support and resistance but whenever I try it the range changes!

A few years ago I randomly had lunch at an airport with a gold trader who was a mate of my brother. He was very cagy about what it involved. The only pearl of wisdom I could get out of him was that he spent most of his working days “waiting”. So that probably means you shouldn’t be fooling around with it on short time frames but what do I know.

Currently long DJI at 25380 and underwater. I still have a bearish bias but when I placed that trade last night I thought Trump’s State of the Union address might give it a philip.




That alone is a very accurate advice.
A long term view on Gold through Futures or SB is doubly profitable.


gold long 1312.77



Annual gold demand gained 4% on highest central bank buying in 50 years

Gold demand in 2018 reached 4,345.1t, up from 4,159.9t in 2017 and in line with the five-year average of 4,347.5t. A multi-decade high in central bank buying (651.5t) drove growth. Demand was bumped up in Q4 by 112.4t of ETF inflows, but annual inflows into these products (of 68.9t) were 67% lower than 2017. Investment in bars and coins accelerated in the second half of the year, up 4% to 1,090.2t in 2018. Full year jewellery demand was steady at 2,200t. Gold used in technology climbed marginally to 334.6t in 2018, although growth ran out of steam in Q4. Annual gold supply firmed slightly to 4,490.2t, with mine production inching up to a new high of 3,364.9t.



1313.78 closed on limit



Gold going to retest 1300 as expected
USD is high keeping a lid on things for now
Everyone watch Bonds
Junk Bonds are high again
This latency is creeping back in


gold long @ 1307.16.

Hope can close for a pt before it carries on down, which in time think it will, to 1400 and then perhaps 1285.




1305.16 gold long.



1306.21 cl.



16.63 binned for scant chips.

It was Feb expiry of course and 13 Feb at that.