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1310.8 gold short.




One more day left in this news’ sensitive week.
No clear direction ahead and pressure to trade is huge and whilst am waiting to enter, I am erring towards Soi’s style of gaining what could be gained.

Lets see what tomorrow brings.


Another successful day on trading. Gold got a bit hairy at one point. My gains were small and almost wiped out yesterday in one swoop when it dropped low.

The market moves faster than I expected and my limits restrict my profits more than my stops restrict my losses.
Therefore I can slowly squeeze profits but I foresee an event taking me for lumps of reserve cash at a time.

It’s a balancing act, 30 points up or down happen I have noticed. I’m not sure what to do about these big swings.

Guaranteed stops could be an option, on IG there is a 0.3pt premium,.
Am I right in thinking that if the guaranteed stop does not come into play, the wording is arbitrary to me.


1314.66 short



Hi S_C

I do not use guaranteed stops , rarely use stops actually but my understanding is that if you use a grty stop and it is not hit, no premium to pay.

0.3 pt extra only if it is hit.

I am fairly sure of that.




1318.47 short gold.



Gold shorts @



1316.47 limit closed.




Can it go back to 10
So glad this week has ended
It gets annoying having to wait for the markets

Good news is Commodities sentiment is good
Not closing any positions, let it roll



1318.36 short gold



1320.72 gold short.

Not sure why it is so strong and actually want to finish my trading day.

Guess I will be holding gold positions over the weekend.

About it from me.




One reason = fewer chances of inflation = even fewer chances of Fed Rate Rise.
From the data coming in this week.
And that’s supported by USD fall
Shorting commodities is rather too risky


I think Guaranteed Stops can be useful when you are holding positions during data releases. Going back a year they could have been very useful when Trump was doing his random tweeting.

Essentially the more illiquid the market the more useful guaranteed stops are.

I haven’t come across them an any of the brokerages that I have used


Trump creating stability at the moment. VIX shortening sub 15. No military wars in sight. I suppose it can’t last.


I must say, I thought Brownadder’s VIX 15 long call was inspired. I don’t think we are going back to 10 or even 12.

I think Trump has learned his lesson from Feb 2018. He needs the market to go up


MacB, I don’t doubt BA’s knowledge on VIX, he called a beauty earlier 15 to 35. What I found was the spread on futures extended as VIX spot dropped. Made it hard to short term trade as spread then narrows as spot increases. As BA hinted, you need big swings.


When the media who called SPX a bear market to the exact day at -20% SPX (their definition) start calling this a ‘V’ shaped recovery which should coincide with the backrest around SPX 2830, you know it’s time to go short.


Markets and V recovering ? I’ll come to that in a later post.

You help me out with this one first.

Its stupid to first believe Cooling VIX

  • which meant Indices will rise and they sure did.
    and then not Long DJ, NASDEX, S&P either of them and make money
  • which I didnt.

Having a good plan isnt worth a dime if not executed lol
But my head keeps telling me to be cautious.

May be am too cautious.


It’s executing the same process over and over again. I think you have done a great job. I thought we would stall at 2720-2740 area. It stalled enough to get a a few trades, but, less than I thought. Look at it the other way - who would go long here?


Nature of the beast, cant fight it every day and definitely wont win all of them.

As for Markets, V rebound

That can happen,
As the world struggle
US becomes the sole investing place on the planet.

To some extent 1-5 % top rich money moving to US -
Can be seen in these Market Spikes

USDX is UP against all odds.
USD is the only profitable stable currency in Forex Market, everyone wants USD

USD Indices all UP against growing slowdown concerns
US indices are the only profitable indices in the world, everyone wants them

Plus FED zero interest rate hikes
Thats the basis of this shallow bull ride this year -
That’s my understanding.

Who knows how long it will continue,
But if doesnt drop below 2600 soon then those sitting on the fences will jump in.

Individual Equities are very dangerous.
I will stick to indices and commodities for now.

As USD starts to slide - we can go long DJ / Commodities