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Don’t know if this is relevant to this thread…an interesting read nonetheless.


gold short 1323.67.

Hit R3.

Could carry on up though.




1324.07 short gold



Nobody can explain why and how sterling is gaining against USD

Gold will see mini rallies soon


1326.3 short gold.

Badly wrong currently



Europe is slowly grinding to halt, no more interest rate hikes in EU.
Commodities will keep going up.

Had 2 pull backs but neither breached 1300
Another retrace and I might open 2 more positions

Its pretty solid buying at the moment


1324.98 closed



1323.56 closed.


That time is approaching


DO NOT short precious metals for now
That all Precious metals are getting huge inflows
They are going up ONE by ONE.
Silver had its rally, Gold had its, Palladium is having one, Platinum already.
Gold and Silver will return soon.

Would love a dip to buy more



wow shorts covering who knows but this is suspiciously bullish
thats billions going in


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This better dip soon !


I have had to place some longs on the way up.

Not looking good for me at all.



Here it comes


Open Shorts ?
usually gold mini rallies tend to have dips in them
I’d close shorts
1320 is now the floor


So much for my trading starting well on days 1 & 2.

Gold short added @ 1335


Waiting is part of the game.
See if you can wait til it trace back to 1320s and lower


Thanks BA, yep I knew it would come to this point at some stage but I don’t think it’ll ever get any easier when everything looks red and the sky the limit at the moment.


Guess there’s no easy answer for that but if it at all helps,
I started preparing end of 2017 as I sold my LLOY stake I pointed the case for commodities and made the move … I guess I can pull the old post.

From there it was 9 months to see Commodities rally
Traced gold down from 1350 to 1180
and now back up towards 1350 from 1180

My long position 1230 went down to 1180 (minus 40 points) I didnt close,
I knew it would get back - took over 3 months to get back.

Markets can make you wait, dont worry about it.

I am not a trader so I cant tell you how charts can help.
Around Mid 2017, I read a post from @soi - where Soi said he prefers SB because it reduces tax etc. That’s how I got into SB - didnt realise it could be so profitable.

Its a great instrument
You gotta know Fundamental Mechanics of whatever youre buying - selling
You gotta thoroughly understand what impacts the price, when and how.

After that comes timing and patience. from practice.

Also SKY is not the limit anymore.
Around 50% of your equity - trades will close automatically.
Luckily Gold will never go up that much like a share price.


Why will 50% of trades close automatically?