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Not 50% of your trades
but 50% of your available equity.

You need to check ESMA close out rule.
If you are using IG - give them a call.


That’s why you keep meticulous records. You are playing stats. It is part of the process.

The best long will always come when:

VIX is > 35
Market is massively thin
Media is talking about recession
You are 3 Sigma down on the session


Time to ditch Gold for Silver


This is the Chinese drip torture of my funds, slow relentless rise that has barely dipped.


There should be a sell off - this has steamed high too quick, I suspect Short-Coverings are to be blamed.
There are more reasons for gold to dip again before it commences higher in long term.

You should study gold price mechanics and wait for it to go lower and start closing you position.

Leaving aside UK-EU issues - there’s no urgent reason for gold for next leg up now.


Trump v China tomorrow, could prove a killer blow


VIX spot was down to 14.42 while March 19 futures were at 15.98.


Feeling lighter ?
I am travelling or I would have shorted gold at 1248.
Support/ Floor is now around 1220.
It will ping pong a little.


Yes much better thanks!

When your scalping few just a couple of points and the market shifts like it just did, it’s scary.

You need deep pockets and balls of steel. In relation to rewards, risks are scary. This could catch me out big time.

Having limits just a couple of points away from opening price makes for easy scalps, but if the market “shifts”, you need deep pockets and balls of steel.


Or you could wait for the right trade.


VIX long 15.73



VIX long 15.73

14.73 stop hit.



No one day matters. No one trade matters. The market can do anything it wants, it doesn’t care about your opinion.

You always need to have a flexible mindset and be in the learning mode.

I would have taken that trade.


GBPEUR short at 11587.2


Interesting. I would have taken the opposite trade (long somewhere around 1.152) with a stop at 1.145. As I’ve said before 1.148 -1.152 has acted as phenomenal resistance for 15months. I would now tend to use it as support.

Still may work for you. Where’s your stop?


No stop, just a limit of 11400 ish, might take profit earlier


Be careful. Taking stops is just the cost of doing business. Sterling has finally broken through very strong resistance 1.148-1.152.

Trading in three words: NO BIG LOSSES


Currently feeling a big loss


After risk management which applies to entire life - poker is biggest thing which comes close to intraday trading.

Worth watching top poker tips from top poker winners - which hand to pick when and when to fold without hesitation.

I play poker, its a very tactical game in that top poker players can easily go blind yet they never do - and thats the lesson - dont go blind.

You will find thay research takes time which your brain will interpret as a burden - however time lost in research is money gained in trade.

80% fundamental + 20% trend = trade
Else no trade,


Exactly. Plus anyone who tells you they never take losses is full of , well you know.

Don’t be one of those “it will work out in the long term” As in the EU is going to collapse in the long term or Lloyds is going to hit £1 in the long term. It has to be measurable.