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Well I opened a 5th & 6th gold short @ 1335 & 1340, it was scary going against the tide.

So far I managed to close :-
1340 @ 1333
1335 @ 1327
1318.93 @ minor profit today

the 1312 closed at (stop MacB) of 1327 +15 points. I never thought it would hit.
I reopened at 1327 that day and closed at about 1325 for profit.

So far on gold not a losing trade. Patience helps BA.

Still holding 2 losing positions @ 1315 & 1316.93
Also shorting GBPEUR is a bigger concern, went in heavy and so far got it wrong. Political climate seems like a remain likelihood hence back to olden days of GBPEUR (I could be doomed)


Made me laugh this, I qualified for European Poker Tour in Barcelona once. Played with all the big boys n girls, stayed gratis in 5* hotel and had a great weekend. Did nothing in the tournament though:)


Playing with big girls requires different expertise.

As for next move;
I am not convinced with gold much as I am with Silver. I’ll find out after holidays - for now am drenched in cigarettes, alcohol and medium size girls.

Patience ? Yes helps more than anything.
I dont know about you but I dont have capacity to be an intra-day trader like Soi. His experience is far too greater.
Medium-Long term is good.

Set the range
and be willing to close few points earlier

All good


I could have made money whilst inebriated, asleep and without computer on holiday and it would have paid for extra cocaine and 3 strippers (one to pour water)

One day I’ll get to that stage.
Set the auto pilot trader and go to the bar !

Anyway cant be greedy besides I got my results as I had wished - 2 short of 1250 target. Thats history now nobody cares.

Time to find the next trade.


Well I’m out of gold and well in profit on it now.

GBPEUR is still well above my entry price and proving a bad trade. I have bad feelings about this trade, hopefully it’ll dip and I will probably get out close to entry if I can.

VIX spread has decreased with spot being 14.51 and short/long at 15.23/15.33. That is a nice tight spread BA. Is this because we’re nearing the expiry date?

VIX would need to drop a little more for me to get involved in a long position but I can see value in it.


VIX is tied to S&P
S&P is the main actor here
S&P is in a very tight range.

Technical expectations might suggest a breakout for S&P

2 Questions
When breakout to occur ?
Bullish or Bearish Breakout ?

I am out of everyrhing for over a week so I havent a clue.

My sense at this point
Nothing big is coming positive or negative.
S&P is already up for this year.

If S&P slide it will face resistance at 2600
VIX although tempting is not worth it at the moment.

I’d buy VIX at S&P 2600 in presence of genuine big bearish factors.


GBPEUR greed & missed profit yesterday. Set a profit limit since.

Also entered gold long at 1300 buy order just hoping for a couple points bounce on way dow but it dropped straight through 1300.

Holding 2 losing positions again.



Manged to close shorts that had caused me some concern for a while.
Very little made on those, closed tight and nervously after having been underwater for a while.

long entered @ 1283.78 a minute ago.

Also holding 2 other longs at higher. oops !




GBPEUR short @ 11650 here


1286.27 cl. + 2.5



closed 1326.2 + 24pts


GBPEUR long 11609.9


Closed 11640


GBREUR short 11652.2


gold short @ 1293.75



Gold short 1287


Closed 11610.3 + 41.9pts


Leaving GBPEUR for now, still got the everlasting 11587 short open. Might see this closed in profit Monday? Small profit will do.

MacB, you were right, it was a long required at that level:)


I go away for 2 week and the world turns upside down


Closed 11578.9 +8.3pts