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This time next year we’ll be millionaires.

I’ll crawl back down my hole if it’s above 63.8p by 30th June. Fair?


GBPEUR short 11690


VIX, as March exp closes in, the premium above spot decreases.
Spot 13.08, March expires 4 days away, ig 13.53-13.63.

Exp Apr VIX currently 15.13-15.23

So if your holding a trade and you can escape, closer to expiry is better I wonder.

Might (I just have) place the minimum trade and calculate overnight charges and rollover charges in excel to see how it goes whilst it’s fair value. Can’t lose much and will gain valuable knowledge.

Mar 19 long VIX placed @ 13.63


1304.7 cl. + 2.



GBPEUR short @ 11720


VIX Apr long @ 15.08


Little rocket man can start testing later this year please


Closed 11703


Closed 11685


GBPEUR long @ 11674.7


1306.59 cl.



GBPEUR long @ 11654.7


Interesting, as the likelihood of TM’s deal being approved increases, Sterling weakens. Market view plainly is - any deal is less favourable that remaining in the EU


Fishing VIX options long at this level 13.25


Fancy 1.20 in coming days / weeks if 1.17 struck


Mays deal is not getting approved, that’s clear. Odds of WTO marginally increased but not likely. It’s going to be an extension of article 50 most likely.

That to me would say “no deal brexit” is not likely and so a closer tie to EU going forward.

Surely pound will be stronger if that plays out MacB


I think a tremendous amount is already factored in. Today we saw a weakness in Sterling (due to the DUP and JRM making favourable noises about the deal), then, when Bercow made his statement, Sterling strengthened.

I still think pa trumps everything else. By the time you have certainty, short Sterling. The dumb money waits for certainty, to get long, then the smart money pulls the carpet.



You sound certain(ty) it’s short. Maybe carpet getting a tug?


Interesting this trade thread Honestly I don’t understand what is going on or what you are talking about Honestly

I no clever man maybe this is why I make money ?

Keeping it simple :slight_smile:



It’s where markets differ. Most professions you start out with no knowledge and have to absorb copious amounts.

Markets, we start out with all at hand and have to whittle it down to nearly naught lol